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What Mohawk College Students Need to Know for the Upcoming 2020 School Year

What Mohawk College Students Need to Know for the Upcoming 2020 School Year

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The first day of the 2020 Fall semester at Mohawk College is approaching fast, and whether you’re a new or returning student there are some items you should take note of before you hit the books.

Here is everything Mohawk College students need to know for the upcoming semester.

The format of the upcoming Fall semester may be different but the MSA is still here to serve you.

What’s Happening at Mohawk College?

Phase Two of the college’s reopening plan will commence in early September.

What does this phase consist of? Well, according to the college’s website, “All lecture-based program components will be delivered in a remote/virtual environment while required labs, simulations, and assessments will be delivered on campus.”

The current timeframe of Phase Two is four months: September to December. Although Mohawk campuses will be open for some (Fennell, Stoney Creek, and IAHS), they will be reopening with different measures in place to reduce the number of people and activities on campus. One of these measures, according to the college’s website, is, “Employees and students must leave the campus once their work or study-related activities are complete.”

For anyone who will have to be on campus during certain times, there will be physical distancing measures in place, and anyone who enters a Mohawk campus will be required to bring and wear a non-medical mask (or covering).

Additional Items to Note:

The college will not be providing masks, however, if masks are required for your program, they will be provided.

Fitness centres and gyms will remain closed for general use but may be accessed for academic delivery.

For more COVID-related information, visit the college’s website here.

What’s Happening at the MSA?

The MSA Board of Directors and staff will not be on campus, but they are still dedicated to serving and supporting Mohawk students. As a result, the following MSA offerings are and will still available in a virtual format.

A variety of non-perishable food items.

The MSA Food Bank is one of the services that has moved to a virtual format.

· Equipment Rentals

· Food Bank/Career Closet

· Health and Dental Insurance

· Empower Me: Mental Health and Wellness

· Home and Auto Insurance

· Legal Counselling/Affidavits

· Interactive Events and Activities

· Student Support and Advocacy

What’s Happening With Bus Passes?

The Fall bus pass has been suspended since the majority of classes have been moved to an online format.

Students who wish to still use the bus will be required to load funds onto their PRESTO card. We would recommend that you consider the number of times you may need to ride the bus in a month and determine which will be least expensive – individual rides, or a monthly pass.

All students who are currently not registered will not be charged for the bus pass fee. Students who have already registered and were charged the bus pass fee for the fall semester will receive a REFUND, rather than a credit, to ensure their funds are returned as quickly as possible.

A Presto tap station.

Due to the format of the upcoming Fall semester, the Fall bus pass has been cancelled.

For more information about the MSA’s services, click here.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Content Marketing | Copywriter

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