Mohawk Students' Association

Where We Are

Although we love that you’re visiting our website, we are aware there may be times you need to connect with us in person – if you have questions, are using one of our in-person services, want to learn more, or just want to say hi. So, we wanted to make things easy. Here are all the places where you can find us on Mohawk campuses.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @MSAMohawk !

Student thinking about where to find MSA offices

Our Fennell Campus has a lot to offer

Fennell Campus

Our Front Desk is in G-Wing (G109); however, the Fennell MSA Student Centre also consists of:

Map of Fennel campus MSA office location

The Arnie

The Arnie is an open-concept space where you can come to kick back and connect with friends, eat your lunch, or work on group projects. It’s also where some of our events are held!

MSA Tastes Brewed Awakenings cafe

Mitchell Terrace

Located by the Urban Fork, the Mitchell Terrace is a great place on campus to get some fresh air in between classes. Come here to eat your lunch, chat with friends, and just get outside. It is also where the MSA Tastes herb and vegetable garden is located!

Heath Study Lounge

You can find us outside of the Fennell campus as well

Outside of Fennell

MSA StoneyCreekCampus

Stoney Creek

Come visit us at our Front Desk in room A125!

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram (@msastoneycreek).

Map of IAHS campus MSA office location

IAHS Campus

At the IAHS (McMaster) Campus, we are in room 112.

Connect with us on Facebook (@MSAMohawkIAHS) and Instagram (@msa_iahs).

MSA AirportCampus
Airport Campus Currently, at Mohawk’s Airport Campus, our presence consists of the Airport Café. Here you can get your typical café finds along with lunch options and snacks.