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A Few Phrases That Would Have Made No Sense a Year Ago

The year 2020 has been an interesting one. With everything our world has gone through and the changes to our daily lives we have seen, it's not surprising that some new (now common) phrases have popped up. With so many people spending time inside and online, many of these phrases have spread like wildfire. If you were to go back in time and say some of these phrases to people in 2019, it might leave them asking, "um, what?"

Nonetheless, here are a few phrases that wouldn’t have made sense a year ago.

"Want to jump on a Zoom call?"

A person taking a class online, looking at their teacher on screen with classmates around the screen
Classes on Zoom is part of the new normal.

In 2019 you may have known what FaceTime and Skype was, but Zoom? Perhaps not. However, Zoom calls are now seen as the perfect way to conduct everything from friendly get-togethers online with friends to online classes for students. Zoom is a staple of 2020. Although, many of us have probably been cut off at one point or another due to a call timing out.

"I've got maskne again"

A girl wearing a blue surgical mask.
Your mask may cause you to revamp your skincare routine.

Masks have been part of our daily life in 2020 for a few months now. After all, they keep us and others safe, but there is one issue many people have struggled with the maskne you get when your breath's moisture goes back into your skin. Although the good news is that there are tons of skin care treatments you can do from home to help.

"Make sure you get contactless delivery"

A small wooden building with wood letters next to it spelling out stayhome
When ordering out, make sure to support local restaurants

If you have gotten any food delivered this year, you probably noticed a new option at your checkouts. Contactless delivery gives you the option to have anything delivered without actually meeting the person who is delivering it. Just walk outside your house/apartment, and boom, your food is right there. Not having to talk to anyone or really step outside to get it is a big plus for anyone who dislikes social interaction after school or work is over.

"I was social distancing over the last week"

Two people sitting on different benches with a sign in between them that says 6 feet apart.
As we move into the colds months, social distancing needs to continue.

Social distancing has become an excellent and scientific way to say,"please get away from me." We have all heard it mentioned by our local governments and in retail stores, so everyone is kept safe when they are outside. The words ‘social’ and ‘distancing’ in the same sentence wouldn't have made much sense in 2019, but 2020 has thrown us many things that don't make a lot of sense anyway.

Those are just a few of the phrases that we have all probably heard in 2020 at some point. Can you think of anything else that wasn't on the list? Tag @MSAMohawk on social media and let us know.

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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