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Nine Ways Mohawk College Students Can Get in the Spooky Spirit

Nine Ways Mohawk College Students Can Get in the Spooky Spirit

Halloween festive drinks.

Welcome to October, all you ghouls and goblins. It feels like September just flew (witch pun intended) right by us and the weather was all over the place. Now that October is here, we can finally look forward to some consistent sweater weather, some pumpkin-spiced everything, and some spooky Halloween festivities. But just like everything in 2020, Halloween is going to be a bit different this year.

Though there won’t be any big costume parties or Halloween haunted houses, you can still get into the spirit.

Keep reading for nine ways Mohawk College students can get into the spooky spirit.

Get in That Haunted Kitchen and Bake Some Cookies

Halloween cookies go great with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Halloween is a great excuse to eat some of your favourite sweets. Even better, the ‘holiday’ is a great reason to do some baking. Either look up some from-scratch recipes or head out to the grocery store and pick up ready-to-bake cookies. Some of the ready-to-bake options already include some spooky designs on them, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your own designs. Check out All Recipes for some excellent recipes to test out.

Have a Frighting Movie Night Marathon

Cat sitting on a branch with the moon behind it.

For maximum scary, turn off the lights!

Turn off the lights, snag some popcorn, and sit down for some spooky laughs or terrifying scares. Halloween movies range from lighthearted fun like Ghostbusters to some scary ‘please turn this off’ type flicks like Don’t Breathe. If you’re looking for a great flick, Netflix has a vast selection of Halloween movies.

Throw a Zoom costume party

A dog dressed up in a unicorn costume.

Get your pets involved too!

One of the best things about Halloween is getting dressed up and spending time with friends.

Although we can’t spend time with friends in person, many video chat platforms like Zoom offer the next best thing. Video chats are a great alternative for you to still get dressed up and play some fun games, all while getting to see your friends. You can put together a night of spooks and scares!

Ranker has a few ideas for some fun games if you’re looking for ideas.

Make your space a haunted house

Though the thoroughly done up haunted houses that many people are used to attending may be closed this year, by hitting up a Dollar Store or party store you can put together some scary decorations of your own.

Those pictures of Grandma and Grandpa might look better with some fake spiderwebs around them, or the front door might need some caution tape on it to warn others your home isn’t to be messed with.

When in doubt, carve some pumpkins

A carved pupkin sitting in the grass.

Make sure to post your carvings online and tag the MSA.

Pumpkin carving never goes out of style.

Many local Hamilton grocery stores and farms are selling pumpkins that are ripe for carving.

Think pumpkin carving isn’t as fun without your friends or loved one? Get a few friends to get their pumpkin, create a Zoom call, and give everyone a time limit on carving.

Come back to the Zoom call when the time is up and vote on whose pumpkin came out the best. Don’t forget to bake those pumpkin seeds!

Throw a Harry Potter trivia night

Get your Potter-heads together on Zoom to see who can be crowned the ultimate Harry Potter fan. Here are 52 Questions to get you started but don’t be afraid to ask your own questions if you think it can stump your friends.

Read a scary book

A book on the ground with symbols drawn over the words.

Even if it’s not scary, a good book on a fall night is great way to feel cozy.

Want to spend some time alone cuddled up with a book? Well, you better get ready for a few nightmares after you jump into some of the scariest books out there.

Stephen King will be your go-to author for a good scary read, but there are also a bunch of other books out there that will send shivers up your spine.

Check out Barnes and Noble’s ’25 of the Most Terrifying Horror Books Ever’ list.

Take some fall photos

Not a fan of spooky? No problem!

Halloween doesn’t always necessarily mean spooky, there are tons of non-spooky related activities that can still get you in the Halloween mood. Taking some fantastic pictures of the leaves changing colour, or putting up some decorations you have will get you into that cozy fall mood.

You can even grab some family photos with those who live with you to send to other friends and family who may not live close.

Looking for some fall photoshoot ideas? Here are 50 great photoshoot ideas.

Attend some virtual MSA events

The words 'Lean on WE' written in white with a red background with translucent people.

Students can always lean on the MSA for support.

Having a hard time getting into the spirit of the Halloween season? Let the MSA help! The MSA has a bunch of fun events happening this month and you don’t even have to leave the house. Check out the MSA Events webpage for a list of upcoming events.

We hope this list gives you some ideas on how you can make the Halloween season a bit more exciting this year.

Remember, during this fall season, a phone call to a friend, sending some mail to family or even a quick text message to someone who means a lot to you can make anyone’s day as the weather gets a bit colder and the sun sets a bit sooner.

Which idea are you going to start with?

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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