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MSA life services at Mohawk College: Lean on WE Part V

MSA life services at Mohawk College: Lean on WE Part V

MSA office services desk.

Long gone are the days where the only thing you could get out of attending post-secondary was an education. Now, most schools offer a wide range of services to help their students. And here at Mohawk College, the MSA offers a number of services to students. The MSA life services that are offered fall under the third pillar of the MSA’s new tagline – Lean on WE.

In this blog post, we will be looking at all of the MSA life services that are offered and available.

HSR Bus Pass PRESTO Card

All full-time Mohawk students receive a Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) bus pass. In previous years, students received their bus passes in the form of a sticker that was put onto their One Card. However, things have changed. Students will no longer receive this sticker, instead students will receive a PRESTO card and voucher.

Click here for more information about how to set up your PRESTO card.

A PRESTO card holder.

A PRESTO card holder.

Student Food Bank

The student food bank is another one of the many MSA life services that are offered here at Mohawk.

Through this service, registered students can pick up a free bag that contains non-perishable food and personal hygiene items. In order to use this service, students must fill out a ‘Food Bank Intake’ form and bring it to their preferred MSA office.

Once they have filled out the intake form and have been registered, students can use this service twice a month.

This service is available at all three of Mohawk’s campuses.

Click here for more information and/or to fill out the student intake form.

Legal Counseling

If you are currently enrolled at Mohawk College, you are entitled to free legal counseling. Every Thursday, between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Bill Reid – a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada – is available to counsel students.

To book an appointment, contact Bill Reid at (905) 575-2393, or email

Bring your One Card and valid identification to your appointment.

For more information, click here.

Discount Tickets

If you’ve been looking for something fun to do in between going to classes and studying, we have some good news. Mohawk students can purchase tickets for a variety of different places and activities at a discounted rate.

A few tickets Mohawk students can get discounts on include: Canada’s Wonderland, African Lion Safari, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Medieval Times (Toronto), and tickets to the Ontario Science Centre (Toronto).

Click here for more information.

Health and Dental Insurance

In partnership with Studentcare, the MSA provides Mohawk students with extended health and dental coverage. The plan was designed to fill gaps in provincial health care and other basic health care programs.

All full-time and co-op students who pay full activity fees will be covered by this plan.

So, what exactly is included in this plan?

The plan covers: 80% for prescription drugs, up to $5,000 per policy year, over $2,500 for health practitioners (psychologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and more), up to $750 in dental care, and more.

Click here for additional information.

Home and Auto Insurance

All Mohawk students have access to discounted home and auto insurance rates.

To provide these discounted rates to students, the MSA has partnered with The Personal Home and Auto Group.

By using this service, students can take advantage of several group rates and savings including: security system savings, claims-free savings, multi-line discounts, and multi-vehicle discounts.

Click here for more information or to request a quote.


Another service that the MSA offers to Mohawk students is faxing.

Students can simply bring documents that they need to be faxed, along with the valid fax number of the destination, and their One Card to the MSA office at any of Mohawk’s campuses.

Please note that we cannot send overseas faxes.


If you’re a Mohawk student who needs a way to get around, in addition to the bus, Zipcar is the way to go. When using Zipcar, students can drive cars by the hour or the day, with gas and insurance included in the price.

A group of people standing outside a car.

A group of people standing by a Zipcar.

It costs Mohawk students only $20 to become a Zipcar member.

For more information, and to sign up for Zipcar, click here.

Now that we’ve covered all of the life services that we offer at the MSA, our five-part Lean on WE series has come to a close. And now that we’ve come to the end, it is safe to say that here at the MSA our goal is to be a helpful resource for all Mohawk students.

Should you need assistance with anything, whether it be academic-related or personal, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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