Legal CounseLling


Studentcare is offering free legal consultations until April 30th, 2020.

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msa legal counselling

Common Issues:

  • Family Law (e.g. custody, divorce or adoption) 

  • Landlord and Tenant (e.g. harassment, maintenance issues or leases)

  • Employment Law (e.g. termination and employment contracts)

  • Accident Cases (personal injury and product liability) 

  • General Debt (collection debt and defense claims) 

  • Administrative (e.g. immigration, OSAP appeals or human rights) 

  • Offenses (criminal and provincial) 

  • Corporate/Commercial (incorporation and student-run businesses) 

  • Estate Law (e.g. wills or powers of attorney) 

  • Attestation of Documents (e.g. drafting affidavits) 


In addition to MSA’s in-house legal counsel who is available to provide support to students remotely, the MSA and our partner Studentcare is providing free access to a legal consultation hotline until April 30th.


Appointments can be booked at 1-833-288-2620.

Our Offices

Fennell Campus (Hamilton)

135 Fennell Ave W, Room G109

Hamilton, ON  L9C 0E5


Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS - McMaster)

1400 Main St West, Room 112
Hamilton, ON  L8S 1C7

905.575.1212 ext 6411

Stoney Creek Campus

481 Barton Street, Room A125
(Fitness Centre) Stoney Creek, ON  L8E 2L7

905.575.1212 ext 5005

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