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How to Get Outside During Your Summer Break

How to Get Outside During Your Summer Break

Ripples on water.

Get those flip-flops on, those sunglasses out, and the sunscreen ready! The end of the Winter 2021 semester at Mohawk College is almost here. For many students, this is your chance to take a well-deserved break and relax a little bit before the Fall semester, and enjoy the warm weather.

Although restrictions due to COVID-19 are still in place in many areas, we hope you’re able to safely spend some time outside during your break. Here are some of our suggestions on how you can get outside this summer, while still being COVID safe.

Those Trails Won’t Hike Themselves

A hikers road sign.

Make sure you pack some water bottles and snacks.

Jumping in the car and finding a new trail or hiking spot is a real adventure. Some of you might have a favourite place but finding something new is what adventure is all about. Start searching for trails in your area you may not have noticed before. Just make sure the trail is still open before heading out.

A great way to discover new hiking spots is through an app called AllTrails. You can find trails and see info on the hike, reviews and pictures from other hikers before committing to the journey.

Grab a Book and Head Outside

If you love reading but don’t want to miss out on the sunshine by reading inside, bring your book outside. Grab your book, a blanket, or lawn chair, find your spot (in the sun or shade) and start reading.

This is a great way to finish that last chapter you’ve been meaning to while also getting some fresh air.

Pack the Bags for A Camping Trip

Friends sitting outside around a fire

A few s’mores always go well with a camp fire.

Campfires, canoes and sleeping bags. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and learn a lot of new skills, and there are many great spots in Ontario you can venture to.

Hiking, swimming, campfires, and so much more can be all put into a fantastic weekend with friends or family.

Take a look at Ontario Parks to book a site at one of the many parks near you. They book up quickly (especially holiday weekends) so make sure you plan ahead and book a site sooner than later.

An alternative to going to a park, if they are full or closed due to COVID, is good old-fashioned camping in the backyard – it may not be exactly the same but it still gets you outdoors!

Missing Those Movie Theatres?

Toy cars lined up looking at a TV screen.

Bring some blankets for extra comfort!

For most of us, movie theatres have been a foreign concept since early 2020, and we miss the popcorn, the previews and of course, the movies. So, why not hit the drive-in this summer? Drive-ins are a perfect option if you and a few people in your COVID bubble want to do something in the evening. You can bring your drinks and snacks, but you should also treat yourself to something from the concession stand.

Climb to the Top of Those Trees

A group of people going through a high-ropes course.

Safety is a high priority.

Trying to find something new that can be fun solo or with a group? Doing some treetop trekking on rope courses is a lot of fun – but make sure you aren’t afraid of heights.

Rope course (also called Eco Adventures) facilities can be found all over Ontario and they provide all the equipment needed for a fun-filled day outdoors.

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in between swinging, climbing, zipping and balancing your way to the end of each course. Make sure you bring some gloves too – those ropes are tough on bare hands after a few hours.

We hope this blog post helps you find some inspiration to get outside this summer! The school year is coming to a close and what a strange year it has been. Every student should be extremely proud of themselves, we know learning online isn’t easy and not being able to be in classes is hard for those who enjoy learning with a more hands-on approach.

If you do any of these activities this summer, make sure to tag @MSAMohawk on Instagram. And remember, if you have a question or need any help or support, #LeanOnWe !

Written By:
Kyle Hooper
Student Social Media Assistant

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