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Content Creators Club

Alexandra Farrugia, President

The content creators club is a club by content creators for content creators. We are dedicated to sharing and exploring strategies and ideas for growing your following and making more relevant and dynamic content. We support creators on all technology platforms (YouTube, tik tok, Instagram etc.) and on all media types (audio, video etc.). Whether you are an established creator or looking to become one. We are here to support! Learn more us here an come join us!

MSA ClubLogos DarkSnakesDDClub

The Dark Snakes (D&D)

Ian Moore, President

Dungeons and Dragons is a Tabletop RPG (role-playing game) where players create a character and role play In a world of adventure and mystery. The Dark Snakes Club is made up of a group of people who bond over their love for the game. Learn more about the club here.

MSA ClubLogos FilipinoCommunity

Filipino Student Community

Belly Bergantinos, President

We aim to grow and connect current Filipino Students while introducing the Filipino Culture to the student body. Our club will be a support for students to transition into college life as we are centered around actively engaging with students through events and outreach.

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The Hardware Redesign Club

Daniel Caetano, President

The Hardware Redesign Club focuses on coming up with new, creative uses for hardware; whether it be speakers, VHS players, or any other form of hardware, new or old, along with teaching members about how they work.

Discord :

MSA ClubLogos Template - Mohawk Chapter

If you are passionate about mental health advocacy and want to get involved on campus this is a great opportunity for you! is a Canada wide organization that is working to revolutionize mental health. The Mohawk College chapter of this organization will join the hundreds of Jack Chapters across Canada to identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in our community through events and campaigns throughout the school year.

If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions please contact:

You can also learn more here and find us on Instagram: @jack.orgMohawk

Logo is a blue oval with the letters 'MAC' in the middle, surrounded by wrenches and airplanes.

Mohawk Aviation Club

Samuel Elliott, President

The Mohawk Aviation Club promotes learning and career development opportunities such as workshops, guest speakers, field trips, etc.

MAC also hosts social events, providing fun networking opportunities to students from different areas of the Aviation Campus.

Sign up to join our community:

E-mail us:

MSA ClubLogos MohawkCyberSecurityClub MohawkCyberSecurityClub

Mohawk Cyber Security Club

Evaristo Ramos Jr, President

Join us for our weekly meetings where we hear from students, industry and research professionals, and experts in the areas of Cyber Security, Security News and Current Events. No need to be a super-hacker, we invite anyone interested to join us in exploring everything from hacking websites to spotting phishing e-mails.

We meet weekly in the Cyber Security Lab, room EA 311 at Fennell Campus. To find the meeting schedule for the term and learn about events, visit the club’s website.

Join the club by dropping us an email at, or just stop by the EA311 lab during our meeting times. Everyone is welcome—see you there! Learn more about us here.

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Mohawk Justice League

Polien Hanna, President

We are a group where students in the legal program can obtain tools to assist them succeed in their field of study. We will assist them with studying, meeting the requirements for their pre-placement, and locating resources such as forms, textbooks, and databases.

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Mohawk Solid Rock (A Christian Community)

Michael Tong, President

Mohawk Solid Rock is a Christian campus ministry that provides a place to build meaningful friendships, explore important topics, grow together spiritually and serve the Mohawk College community. We meet every Wednesday from 6-8pm for a tasty meal and thoughtful discussion. Throughout the year we enjoy special events like hikes, end-of-term parties, and games nights. Students can join small groups to talk about life’s big questions. To learn more, email, or visit

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Second Chance Computers

Juan Camilo Robledo Ramirez, President

SSC club is a group of Mohawk students that try to extend the life of all computing equipment that is considered obsolete or in malfunction. Our mission is to convert an “Obsolete” to a useful computer again, avoiding as much as possible that computers and peripherals are discarded giving them a better recycling.

It just takes a few hours to save a computer from garbage to someone who needs it. Repaired donated computers are given or loaned to students to support their academic development.

Help to rescue “obsolete” computers and give them a Second Chance.

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Shelf Indulgence

Mackenzie Van Vliet, President

Shelf Indulgence is a club for those who are passionate about reading! Each month we will be reading one novel from a variety of categories (anything from romance to fantasy to post-apocalyptic fantasy!). We will be rotating between literary classics to up-and-coming bestsellers to keep things interesting and once a month we will be meeting (virtually!) to discuss our opinions on the book and just have some general literary chat! So if you are interested in catching up on some reading and making some new like-minded friends, please join us! Learn more here.

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Incoming Clubs & Communities

The clubs & communities below are not yet fully established but are in the works. If you are interested in any of these, please reach out to Hibo at