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5 Tips for Students Who Commute to Mohawk College

5 Tips for Students Who Commute to Mohawk College

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Do you commute to Mohawk College? We’re offering students 5 tips that will help your commute run as smoothly as possible!

Give yourself enough time

Delays in public transit and traffic are sometimes inevitable. With that said, it’s not a bad idea to give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning to compensate for any potential delays. Worst case scenario, you arrive early on campus and have time to grab a coffee. Best case scenario, you make it in time for class.

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Download Transit Apps

The transit app is a life saver, ESPECIALLY during the winter! The Transit bus and Train Times App will give you live updates on the bus or train schedule of your choice. This will prove very effective in the winter when you want to avoid waiting outside for a bus that might be arriving late.

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Dress for the weather

The first thing I do every morning is check the weather app. While it might look bright and sunny outside, you could be completely unprepared for the torrential downpour that will hit when you are leaving campus. It’s best to check the weather and prepare appropriately for your commute so you are not caught off guard. It’s better to be over prepared then under prepared!

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Podcasts to pass the time

There is a rising interest in the number of people listening to podcasts. It’s an effective way to learn about topics that are of interest to you, while stimulating brain activity on your morning commute to Mohawk. If podcasts are not your thing, music is another popular alternative. This tip can be used whether you’re in the car or walking – always come equipped with headphones for whatever your ears desire.

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Download Netflix Shows

You can actually pre-download Netflix shows and movies when you are connected to Wi-Fi, allowing you to watch them later when you’re not connected. Its a great way to pass time on a long commute without exhausting all of your data. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave and remember to pack a charger!

By Olivia Santucci

Student Digital Content Writer

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