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5 Great Video Games You Can Play This Summer

5 Great Video Games You Can Play This Summer

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You might be looking at the title of this blog post and wondering, ‘summer is supposed to be spent outside, sitting on a patio, going to the beach and doing outdoor activities.’ While yes, those are some of your typical summer activities, however, summer 2021 may still look a bit different due to COVID-19. So, with that noted, we wanted to provide you with a list of some video games to check out this summer – a COVID-safe activity! We tried to include one game for each device we could think of (so don’t worry if you only have a phone, we have you covered).

Platforms: PC, IOS

Remember traveling? Back when we could jump on an airplane, go anywhere in the world, and see some amazing sights? Well to help scratch that travel itch, let us introduce you to GeoGuessr. Using Google Maps, this game drops you randomly someplace in the world with only the ability to move forward and backward using Google Maps street view. You must guess where you are in the world in as little time as possible using landmarks around you. It could be a road sign in a language you recognize or a building you might see and know where it’s from. GeoGuessr will keep you traveling all from the comfort of your own home!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Platforms: Playstation, Xbox, PC

What do you get when you cross space, weapons, and a huge political system filled with alien races? It might sound like Star Wars but Mass Effect stands on its own two legs. The highly regarded series that has been around since 2007, is being remastered for a new generation and the package gives you three games for the price of one. You get the first three games all with upgraded graphics and smoother controls. Every decision you make in Mass Effect changes how the game will play throughout all three games in the trilogy so no experience will be exactly the same.

Knockout City

Platforms: Playstation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch

Remember those days in gym class where the teacher said, ‘time for dodgeball?’ Well, you can relive those moments in Knockout City – a game where classic dodgeball rules are twisted into a huge team vs team battle for the dodgeball crown. Duke it out with friends only or take on the solo challenges to rank up your skills. There are a variety of different balls with ‘power-ups’ to change your throwing style. The ‘Moon Ball’ allows players to jump higher, and the ‘Bomb Ball’ is a time bomb that explodes on impact just to name a few.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Dust off those golf clubs and hit the course in Mario’s next adventure. Super Rush is an entirely new spin on golf that only Mario and friends could bring together. Of course, you can play your standard 18 holes of golf where the lowest score wins but what would a Mario game be without changing the rules a bit? ‘Speed golf’ is a mode where all players rush to finish the course in the fastest amount of time, all while avoiding obstacles like shells and banana peels that litter the courses. Check out a video of Mario Golf: Super Rush now to scope out the greens.

Resident Evil Village

Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, PC

If you love being scared, vampires, werewolves, and haunted castles, you’ll want to look out for the next chapter of the Resident Evil franchise. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Resident Evil Village is a new game that takes place in eastern Europe, you play as Ethan Winters, a man trying to rescue his daughter after she was kidnapped. You only have your survival instincts to get out alive so standing to fight might not always be the smart plan, running away has its benefits when things get a bit too creepy for your liking.

Video games are a great form of art that can be used to tell a story, have a good time with friends online, and give you the chance to make memories you otherwise couldn’t. So on a rainy day or a cloudy day, or on a day where you’re just looking for something to do, try downloading/purchasing one of the games mentioned here! Let us know what you think!

Written by: Kyle Hooper
Student Social Media Assistant

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