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15 Bucket List Items to Spice Up Your Mohawk Summer

15 Bucket List Items to Spice Up Your Mohawk Summer

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Written by: Kait Holloway

Let’s be honest, the last few summers haven’t been very exciting. Riddled with lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty, nobody would blame you if you forgot how to participate in Canada’s hottest season. Worry not, Mountaineers! We’ve created this bucket list to give you a few ideas to make the most of your summer in time for our fall semester, just around the corner (*gasp!*). Whether you’re a summer student or out of school for the season, there’s something on this list for everyone. Let’s dive in! 

1. Go berry picking.  

Strawberries, anyone? 

2. Water balloon fight. 

All participants should probably be willing and aware of the upcoming battle.  

3. Picnic on a hill. 

The better the view below, the better. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen though! 

4. Nature walks at sunset.  

“Wait… I thought you packed the bug spray?!” 

5. Have a campfire. 

Marshmallows, check! Hotdogs, buns and ketchup? Triple check.  

Now to just find a good roasting stick! 

6. Visit your local farmer’s market. 

This is the cutest photoshoot opportunity! Farmers markets always have the most beautiful little trinkets for sale, and they always smell like fresh bread and flowers. A must for sure! 

7. Go to the drive-in movie theatre. 

If you’ve never visited the drive-in, there’s no better time than summer! It’s the perfect way to keep cool and away from pesky bugs, and provides a great way to watch new releases in a different setting than your regular movie theater or at home on the couch! 

8. Play in the rain. 

Reconnecting with your inner child is more fun than you think! All you need is a day of nice, warm rain and a clothes line for your discarded clothes afterward–no footwear necessary.  

9. Visit a park you haven’t been to before. 

Everybody’s got that one park in their city, you know… the one you always pass by but never set foot in? Why not today! 

10. Backyard pie eating contest. 

Everyone loves pie, though the winner of this competition might not feel so strongly by the end of it. Only one way to find out though! 

11. Mail a letter to a distant friend. 

Communication in 2022 is easier than ever. Send a surprise letter in the mail to someone you care about–tell them how much they mean to you, share a favourite memory of them, or even send a few old photos of the two of you.  

12. Create the perfect summer drive playlist and drive until it’s over. 

Bonus points if you get out of the car and check out any interesting looking spots you pass! 

13. Try a weird flavour of ice cream. 

An arrangement of ice cream scoops in colourful cups, surrounded by chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

For an added twist, do this with a friend and choose each other’s flavours. First one to finish their cone wins! 

14. Wake up to see the sunrise. 

Even if you’re not much of an early riser, waking to watch the sunrise, at least once during the summer, is an absolute must. It’s so peaceful! 

15. Learn a new language. 

Summer is as great a time as any to pick up a new skill. Why not learn a new language? For example, there are plenty of resources online to teach yourself ASL, or American Sign Language! 

We’re about halfway through our summer semester now, which means you’ve got roughly two months left to make this your best summer yet–don’t waste another second! Be sure to keep an eye on the MSA’s social media channels for more ways to kick back and relax this season.  

Looking for more suggestions? See ‘How to Get Outside During Your Summer Break‘.

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