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Top 5 Podcasts Decided by Mohawk College Students

Top 5 Podcasts Decided by Mohawk College Students

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Over the past couple of years, listening to podcasts has become all the rage. There are a number of great podcasts that you could listen to, but the MSA recently discovered which ones students at Mohawk College are listening to.

Here are the top five answers:

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1. Joe Rogan Experience:

The former UFC commentator, and comedian Joe Rogan goes in depth with a range of guests from the sports, comedy, science and other industries. It was the most popular podcast amongst Mohawk College students as it offers a variety of topics appealing to people of many different interests.

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2. Armchair expert with Dax Shepard:

American actor, writer and director Dax Shepard created his own podcast series in 2014. As an individual who is fascinated with other human beings, he created this podcast to hear the stories and struggles of other individuals and how their journey has helped them grow into the person they are today.

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3. Canadian True Crime:

Canadian True Crime is exactly what it sounds like. Hosted by Australian Kristi Ledd, who lives in Canada, she talks about the most controversial and thought-provoking true crime cases in the country.

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4. Ted Talks:

Although they do not follow the traditional format of a podcast, Ted Talks outline a wide variety of different topics from industry experts. The podcasts are broken down into smaller segments of wider conversations held on the world wide TED stage. Some Ted Talk themes include various areas of: business, society, innovation, the environment etc.

A few examples of popular episodes include:

– ‘The source of happiness’

– ‘Inexplicable connections’

– ’Crowdsourcing innovation’

– ‘How to speak so that people will want to listen’

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5. Blue Line:

Blue Line podcast sits down with law enforcement influences who share their most compelling stories surrounding local crime. One episode actually features Mohawk College criminology professor Stephen Metelsky. He is a retired police intelligence sergeant that speaks about his experience tackling illegal betting, while offering tips for those who are currently in law enforcement field.

These are just five of the countless podcasts that are available. If you are looking for additional podcasts to listen to, check out Spotify, ITunes, or SoundCloud.

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Written by: Olivia Santucci

Student Digital Content Writer

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