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The Importance of Eating a Well-Balanced Breakfast

The Importance of Eating a Well-Balanced Breakfast

Breakfast setting featuring baked items, cereal and fruit.

If you’ve ever found yourself waking up late, wanting to sleep more, or not being motivated to eat what you have in your fridge, you’re not alone – in fact, according to a BetterHealth article, these are some of the most common reasons why people skip breakfast. However, as you have probably been told time and time again, it is very important for people, especially students, to eat a well-balanced breakfast.

This blog post will highlight some reasons why breakfast is particularly important for students.

A person holding an avocado toast with a hard-boiled egg topped with sprinkled with black pepper and red peppers. .

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is important for several reasons.

Eating Breakfast Replenishes the Body

After waking up from a night’s sleep, your body is, more often than not, dehydrated and lacking nutrients. Breakfast, according to BetterHealth, breaks the overnight fasting period. As a result, eating breakfast will replenish your body’s glucose supply – the body’s energy source, along with providing the body with other essential nutrients that help with energy levels.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast can also help with your metabolism levels and set you up for good food choices for the day.

How Breakfast Can Help Students

When it comes to students specifically, according to Healthy Eating SFGate, eating a well-balanced breakfast can help with improved concentration, better test scores, and increased energy.

Improved Concentration

Eating breakfast will allow students to be more focused in class along with being less distracted by outside influences. Eating breakfast will also provide students with the energy they need to understand and retain information.

Someone writing in a notepad.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help with improving concentration.

Better Test Scores

As noted by Healthy Eating SFGate, “Researchers believe that this is because the breakfast provides the energy necessary to increase cognitive, or thinking, speed and problem-solving skills.”

Quick and Easy Breakfast Idea

If you’re looking for some quick and easy breakfast ideas to try out, here are a few suggestions.

· Oatmeal with peanut butter

· Protein shake

· Toast with peanut butter

· Fruit smoothie

· Eggs and fruit

A plate of eggs, blueberries, almonds, and an avocado.

Eggs with fruit is just one of the many quick and easy breakfast ideas you can try out.

If you’re looking for some breakfast options on campus at Mohawk’s Fennell campus check out the Urban Fork, Brewed Awakenings, and/or Booster Juice.

MSA’s FREE Breakfast Program

Two student helping themselves at the MSA FREE breakfast program

MSA Breakfast Club.

Drop by the MSA to grab some FREE breakfast! Our breakfast program includes whole fruits, yogurt, granola bars, juice boxes, cereal boxes, and small milk boxes. Till April 2020, The MSA will be hosting these FREE Breakfast Programs every Wednesday in room G109.


February 5th

February 12th

February 26th


March 4th

March 11th

March 18th

March 25th


April 1st

April 8th If you have any questions about the Breakfast Program please contact, or call 905.575.1212 ext 2393. This program is brought to you by the MSA Food Bank. What is the MSA Food Bank?

The MSA Food Bank is a free service for students in emergency need of food. Twice each month, registered students can pick up a bag containing non-perishable food items including breakfast foods, canned items, and pasta as well as some personal hygiene items. Students must show a valid ONEcard and complete a form to register. This service is offered at the MSA Office at the Fennell, IAHS, and Stoney Creek campuses.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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