Student Representative Committees

What are the Student Representative Committees?

They are MSA-led student committees that students can sign up for to participate in monthly meetings on key campus issues and opportunities. Student representatives, similarly to the MSA, work to ensure that all student voices are being heard at Mohawk College. With that said, the representative committees meet once a month to discuss opportunities and issues relevant to Mohawk’s campuses. Please review the committees below, select the committee that you’re most interested in, and fill in the form at the bottom if you are interested in joining a committee and to help improve Mohawk College. 

What are the Committees Focused on?

Student Voice and Governance

This committee works to increase student participation in campus democracy and other student-led change initiatives such as:


Student Elections

Student Focused Advocacy & Campaigns

Campaigns focused on Elections at the Federal Provincial and Municipal levels


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In addition to being a voice for Mohawk students, there are several other benefits of joining and being part of a student representative committee. Some of these benefits are outlined below.

You will help make Mohawk an overall better place

You will be active and involved on campus

It will help build and improve your leadership skills 

It will help build your professional portfolio

You will be able to participate in campus democracy

It will help bring value to the things you are most passionate about on one of the topics below

Here at the MSA, we believe that the more students there are contributing to the overall student voice, the better Mohawk College will be.

If you are interested in being part of any of the committees outlined above, we encourage you to fill out the application form below

Job Application

Application Forms

What committee interests you the most? Pick at least your top two choices
What campus are you in?

Our Offices

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