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strategic plan

our mission

We exist to serve Mohawk students as they navigate college by creating a campus community they can lean on for positive experiences, relevant supports, a listening ear and a strong voice.

our vision


To be an inclusive and essential part of the college experiences of all Mohawk student.

our values

Our values define our organizational mindset, culture and shapes how we approach and achieve our long-term vision.

Student Centric

Students are our #1
priority. All our efforts are devoted to creating and enhancing the Mohawk student experience.


With intention, we are inclusive in who we are, what we do and how we ensure all voices are heard.


We are warm and energetic in our outlook and how we treat our students and community.


We strive for creative thinking and solutions as we adapt to exceed the evolving needs of our students.

Data Driven

Our choices and actions are fueled by information and insight from our students, staff, campus and community.

operating principles

Our principles provide the frame of reference to help our teams balance conflicting motivations and priorities when making decisions on what to do and how to act in different situations.


Students Come First: All hands on deck as we work to ensure every student interaction receives the best we can offer.


In This Together: We work together to maximize our impact, we find solutions together and celebrate our wins as a team.


Communicate Our Narrative: We are proud to share our vision, our work and the value we bring to maximizing student experiences.


Solutions Oriented: Change is the only constant we know, so we embrace conversations that work out how we can rather than why we cannot.


Integrity Cannot Be Compromised: Students expect us to conduct ourselves and operations with the highest level of honesty, respect and transparency. Our value proposition relies on the trust they place in us.


Continual Improvement: We live by a growth mindset, we are always looking to enhance and improve ourselves and operations.


Proactive not Reactive: We think ahead, anticipate needs and plan accordingly.

strategic priorities

advocacy & leadership

Develop the resources necessary to support robust governance enhancement and advocacy strategies that demonstrate strong leadership.​

  • Imbed advocacy as a core component of organizational strategy.

  • Identify mechanisms to increase board engagement with the student body.

  • Support the on-boarding and transition from student to empowered and effective advocates.

  • Strengthen our collective voice by engaging students in our advocacy efforts.

  • Differentiate between the services, supports and responsibilities of the Student Association from those of the College to improve students’ understanding of the MSA’s value.

student supports

Elevate student vitality through holistic value add student supports that reduce barriers and ensure student success.

  • Foster collaboration across the institution and with community partners that enhance the scope, delivery and impact of diverse student experiences.

  • Enhance the experiences of students attending programs at satellite campuses and partner locations.

  • Identify and address gaps and opportunities in support services

  • Foster a climate of professional enrichment of clubs, societies and student groups.

student engagement

Create high impact opportunities that provide students with a balanced college
experience of learning, growth and fun with the ability to inform what that looks like.

  • Create and deliver high-quality, diverse student programming that meet the social, cultural, recreational and career needs and interests of students.

  • Foster a culture of awareness among students of the initiatives undertaken by the MSA.

  • Inspire the confidence of students in the actions and directions taken by the MSA.

business operations

Focus on the holistic business continuity and capacity development needed to ensure a sustainable business outlook and organizational culture.

  • Enhance operating and service experience with innovative technologies that strengthen operating efficiencies.

  • Explore and pursue new sustainable revenue-generating opportunities

  • Enhance the annual planning and forecasting processes to ensure the MSA can support the programs and experiences students need.

  • Strengthen organizational resilience through future and contingency planning practices and processes.