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Tips and Tricks to Stay Organized at Mohawk This Semester

This semester has kicked off, and while your first few weeks could be a little slow-starting, it's good to start developing (or remembering) some organizational habits while you have a bit of a lighter workload. Here at the MSA, we know the value of being organized. Especially while everyone is working from home, it's easy to get distracted and have your time management go down the drain. The MSA is here to help!

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you stay on track this semester.

Animated person sitting at desk on a conference call.
Being present for classes on Zoom is important.

Treat the Online Course Just Like an In-Person Course

It's easy to start thinking that online classes are 'drop-in whenever you like' and 'look up the assignments online if you miss a class'. This is a mistake and can cause you to miss important information for many projects. Showing up to class and participating in the discussion will help you stay engaged.

A person point holding a paper with a list of priorities.
A schedule can keep you on task, even at home.

Create a Schedule to Help With Time Management

With classes mostly being online, they can start to blend and get confusing. It becomes easy for some assignments to fall through the cracks without you even noticing.

Creating a schedule with certain times for each class will prevent this from happening, and you can feel good about knowing what your week will look like in advance.

We suggest Sunday nights or Monday mornings as great times to create this schedule.

A Good Workspace is Critical

A room with office equipment.
A desk with good ergonomic chair is recommended.

You might think that working from home means any place in your living space is fair game for doing work, but this isn't the best idea. Getting away from distractions like game consoles, social media, and other people in your household is key to staying focused.

Try and find a quiet area that allows you to get things done without worrying about what's going on around you. Laying down is also not recommended. A desk or table is ideal for getting the most out of your work time.

Stay connected With Classmates

Four hands pointing their index finger in circle.
Staying up-to-date with other students can help you keep on track with your assignments.

While we are all working from home, it's easy to make excuses not to talk to anyone outside of class. Just being in your bubble and doing your own thing can work, but online courses are much more enjoyable and manageable when you communicate with classmates. You may get an idea from someone else that you might not have thought of, or maybe one of your fellow students picked up on something for an assignment that you didn't.

Take Care of Your Tech Issues

A PC pop up error.
Having tech issues? Mohawk IT can help!

Working from home means using your tech without anyone else to help you in person. Ensuring your computer and internet are up-to-par for handling your workload is key to a successful semester.

If you have any problems with tech or programs you are using for classes, you can contact the Mohawk IT desk for assistance.

Take Mental Health Breaks

A person's head with puzzle pieces cut out of it
Being in isolation can make you feel alone and overwhelmed with school work

Taking time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated by online work is incredibly important. Your mental health matters. Don't be afraid to speak to your professors if you are struggling with workloads.

If you have any suggestions you think would help other students, let us know on social media (@MSAMohawk). And remember, the MSA is always here to help you.

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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