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Networking 101 for College Students

Ever wonder why people are always emphasizing the importance of networking? Networking can help people with finding new opportunities, career advancement, personal confidence and developing long-lasting relationships. Below, we’ve listed five tips for successful networking at Mohawk College.

1. Get involved!

There are numerous activities that students can immerse themselves in, on and around campus. If you are looking for new ways to meet people outside of your program, you might want to consider joining a club, volunteering or attending campus events - events and activities are not only a great way to meet people, but also to create memories and experiences with those around you.

2. Develop your online presence

LinkedIn has grown vastly in popularity over the past couple of years. It is an online platform that allows users to manage their professional identity. It also allows users to access knowledge about other individuals on the platform, insights, and potential opportunities. Your connections can expand beyond your peers - don’t be afraid to invite some of your instructors to connect. Take advantage of social media as well in terms of staying connected to your peers through Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. The sole purpose of the creation of social media was to allow instant communication and connection with those around us.

3. Reach out to faculty and staff

If you have any questions regarding career advancement or steps that you can take to prepare yourself for work beyond school, reach out to Mohawk faculty members for advice. If there is someone you have in mind who might be able to answer your questions, don’t be shy to approach them. If you take the initiative to reach out, you may be surprised at their willingness to help!

4. Utilize Mohawk College’s resources

The college offers many different resources that are designed to help students in their career and academic advancement. Students can book an appointment for resume help, they can get extra homework help from the peer tutoring centre, and the College can help in terms of job search tools. The steps for success are provided to you for FREE during your time here at Mohawk so we encourage you to take advantage of them.

5. Apply for a Co-op or Internship

What better way to get your foot in the door than with real-life experience than through a co-op or internship? If you’ve decided to opt-out of a co-op term, don’t let that stop you. Take the initiative to look for your own internship during the summer. The connections you may make during summer positions might open up further opportunities for you down the road.

Experience accompanied by a diploma will help you stand out to employers once you’ve graduated. Once you get to the interview stage, the MSA is here to help. If you have an interview coming up and need some professional clothing attire, stop by the MSA’s Career Closet!

By Olivia Santucci

Student Digital Content Writer

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