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MSA Events & Activities: Lean on WE Part IV

Concerts, trivia nights, and pub nights - these are just some of the incredibly fun MSA events that have taken place over the years.

Here at the MSA, we recognize that studying and doing homework is not all there is to the post-secondary experience. Along with putting in hard work, Mohawk students should be making sure they are taking some time for themselves - to relax, and have fun.

And because we know this is so important, Events & Activities is the second pillar in the MSA’s Lean on WE tagline, and the the fourth part of our Lean on WE blog post series.

Throughout the school year (and in the summer - we didn’t forget about our Mohawk summer students!) the MSA puts on a number of fun events and activities. And students may be happy to read that there are a ton of fun MSA events planned for the 2019-20 school year.

Monthly MSA events and activities will be highlighted in later blog posts, but for now, let’s focus on two big events that happen every year: FROSH Week, and MSA Day.


This year, FROSH week at Mohawk College consisted of seven MSA events: residence move-in day, a paint party, lunch in the Cellar, day 1 and 2, a campfire - yes, you read that right, the FROSH carnival, and a Bryce Vine concert (which took place right here at the college).

Let’s break down these events one-by-one and see what they looked liked.

Residence Move-In Day

Transitioning to college can be exciting and nerve-wracking, it can be easy and there may be some challenges along the way. But regardless of what emotions coming to college makes you feel, the MSA is here to help make the transition smoother.

On Aug. 31, 2019, members of the MSA went to the residence building at Mohawk’s Fennell campus to welcome incoming students, and make our presence known. Students were able to interact, get to know each other, and decorate a t-shirt for a paint party which was held later that night.

Paint Party

For the 2019-20 academic year, the MSA held its annual paint party on Aug. 31. At this event, which was free for residence students, and $5 for Mohawk College students, people danced to some incredible music, all while being sprayed with paint. And don’t worry… the paint washed off, but the memories will last forever.

A group of students at the 2019 Paint Party.

Lunch in The Cellar

Another one of the MSA events held during FROSH 2019 was ‘Lunch in the Cellar’. At this event, which was held on Sept. 1, students were invited to come down to The Cellar (located in The Arnie) for free shareable platters.

The entrance to The Arnie - where The Cellar is located.

Day 1 and 2

Day 1 and 2 of FROSH 2019 were held on Sept. 3 and Sept. 4, 2019. Both days consisted of a sidewalk sale, food, prizes and giveaways, games, and live music in the MSA plaza.


Who says you have to head up north to go camping and have a campfire?

On Sept. 5 2019 at Mohawk’s Fennell campus the MSA hosted a campfire. At this MSA event, there was live music, s’mores (arguably the best part), and video games on a large screen. The campfire also proved to be a great event for people to catch up with new friends, old friends, and some even made new friends.

A groups of students at Campfire 2019.

FROSH Carnival

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s nothing better than a good carnival – there are games, food, activities, prizes, etc. And on Sept. 5, 2019, the MSA held its own carnival at Mohawk’s Fennell campus with mini golf, bouncy castles, games, and lots more!

A group of students on a bouncy castle at FROSH Carnival 2019.

Bryce Vine Concert

On Sept. 10, 2019, Bryce Vine took over the stage at The Arnie and ended FROSH Week 2019 with a bang! Students and fans of Bryce gathered for an unforgettable night of music. And unforgettable it was! Bryce’s energy was intoxicating and contagious throughout his whole performance. However, the highlight of the night for many was when he brought out a special guest - Loud Luxury - and performed the popular song 'I’m Not Alright’.

Bryce Vine performing in The Arnie at Mohawk College.

A few lucky fans even met Bryce at the event!

MSA DAY 2019

MSA Day is a day where students can learn more about what we do, our clubs, and the services we provide. This event occurs at all three of Mohawk’s campuses - Fennell, McMaster, and Stoney Creek (this year MSA Day took place on Sept. 6 at Stoney Creek, Sept. 9 at McMaster, and Sept. 16 at Mohawk’s Fennell campus). In addition to learning about the MSA, MSA Day is also a great opportunity for students to play some games and activities, and get some free food (the best kind of food)!

Now that we’ve broken down a few of the MSA events that have already happened this year, students can get a better idea of how much fun upcoming events will be. For more information on upcoming events, visit our website or our Facebook page.

In addition to the carnivals, pub nights, and concerts, etc., that take place at Mohawk campuses throughout the year, here at the MSA we also strive to host events for international students, LGBTQ+ students, etc.

This aligns with our overall goal of being more diverse, and inclusive to all students at Mohawk regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Now, let’s move onto the third Lean on WE pillar - Life Services, and the last part of this series.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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