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How to Face Some of the Harsh Realities of Winter in Hamilton

Winter can be a beautiful and fantastic season - nothing beats sipping on a hot chocolate as the snow gently falls on a beautiful December night. But after you head to bed and wake up, you realize all of that snow now makes it much harder to get around the city. The winter season can bring many annoyances that make things a bit more difficult to do day-to-day.

Here are some you can expect to encounter this winter season in Hamilton.

Shovelling driveways and walkways

The shovel: A Canadian icon of winter.

Unless you are blessed with a snow blower, the old fashion shovel will be in your hands before you know it. When the wet, heavy snow comes, shovelling your drive and walkways can become and pain but remember shovelling is a great way to stay active. With most gyms being closed due to Covid-19, shovelling is the next best thing to getting a simple workout in. If you have any neighbours that have a tough time shovelling, give them and hand and help dig them out. One of the most Canadian things to do is help those in need by shovelling snow.

Cleaning off your vehicle from the fresh snowfall

Make sure you brush your car off daily.

Those lucky enough to have a garage to park their car in just saved around 20 minutes.

Brushing your car off is a classic Canadian pastime that requires understanding what snow you have on your vehicle. If it's light and fluffy, get the small brush out and dust it all away. But the heavy stuff usually requires a lot more time and effort to get off of your vehicle. Don't worry; we have all be there where we decide just to let most of the snow fly off when we drive.

Make sure it's a small enough amount where it is safe for all drivers around you.

The winter bundle up

The days of throwing on shorts, t-shirts and putting on flip flops or slip-on running shoes are officially over.

Boots, a warm coat, and a hat are a winter must.

There is no more 'I'll run and grab that quick' moments when leaving the house. The winter bundle up is here, and it can be taxing to put on a coat, hat, gloves, boots, scarf and even snow pants when the weather gets bad enough. Staying warm when you're outside is crucial, and even if you think running to the store for something quick might only require a coat, remember that Canadian winters can be unpredictable.

Salt, salt and even more salt

Getting stuck behind the plow is never enjoyable.

The amount of salt you will be bringing into the house with you will be enough for all popcorn movie nights for the winter. Ok, maybe don't use this salt on your food items but expect to be salted out by the time winter goes away. Your boots and vehicle will be covered in it as we try to melt away the dangerous ice on sidewalks and roadways. Make sure you give your winter boots a rinse (or use a salt spray) every once in a while to get rid of the salt that can damage footwear.

Continue to wear a mask

Even as we move out of 2020, masks are still important.

As the cold weather officially arrives, remember that Covid-19 hasn't left. Masks and social distancing are still crucial factors as we battle the virus into the winter months. With more lockdowns likely coming to Hamilton and many other cities, masks will be a new addition to that winter bundle up. Keep extras in your car or even near your winter boots to remind yourself every time you need to head out into winter wonderland.

Those are just a few of the harsh realities that we will experience as we enter the winter months.

This winter will be unlike any other we have experienced with the virus still kicking around. Even as we head into the holiday season, continue to #LeanOnWe and reach out to the MSA virtually if you need any help dealing with problems that arise during these cold months.

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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