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How MSA Clubs Can Enhance the College Experience for Mohawk Students

The Cyber Security, New Developers, Public Speaking, Liberty Church, Movie Lovers, and the Islamic Student Association are just a few of the MSA clubs that are currently available at the college. Joining a club can enhance the overall college experience for Mohawk students in many ways which will be highlighted in this blog post.

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Meet New People – Make New Friends

Meeting new people and making friends in college can often be hard and nerve-wracking. Joining one of the MSA Clubs is a great way to meet new people that could be a little less scary.

If you join a club, then you already have a common interest with all of the members – the purpose of the club. You can use this common interest as an icebreaker to learn more about the other club members and connect.

Stress Relief

Let’s face it, college can be stressful. As a student, you have to balance going to class, getting assignments done, studying for tests, all while trying to balance your social, personal, and typically your work life. Joining one of the MSA Clubs can provide some stress relief since it will give you an excuse to take some time to do something, or talk about something, you enjoy.

Remember, while in college taking the time to look after yourself is just as important as looking after your academics.

Learn Something New

Although we’d all like to think we’re experts at the things we enjoy, there is always room for improvement and learning. Becoming part of one of the many available MSA clubs can give students a chance to learning something new about an area or subject they’re interested in.

Become More Involved with the College

In general, getting involved at Mohawk College in some way is going to impact a student’s overall college experience positivity. By joining one of the MSA clubs, students are not only getting involved with the college but they are also getting directly involved with the MSA. This will, without a doubt, improve their college experience because the MSA solely exists for the betterment of Mohawk students.

So, how can one join an MSA Club?

To join one of the MSA Clubs all students have to is, go to the MSA Clubs section of the MSA website and click ‘Join Club’ for the club (or clubs) they want to be part of.

There are a wide variety of MSA Clubs currently available that cater to different students and their interests. Regardless, if you don’t see a club on the MSA website that sparks your interest you can always start a new club.

Creating New Clubs

If a student wants to join a club but doesn’t see one on the MSA website that interests them, they are highly encouraged to start a new club. To start a new club must complete the ‘MSA Club Application Form’ – this can be found on the MSA Clubs section of the MSA website. After this form is filled out, students will receive information from the MSA regarding the approval of their club.

These are the steps students must take if they want to start a club with the MSA.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

MSA Student Copywriter

A Message from the MSA Clubs Coordinator

I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself – my name is Stephanie Frisina and I am the new Clubs Coordinator at the MSA. It is an absolute pleasure to work for and with students at Mohawk College campuses!

I am here to walk with you on your student engagement journey and be your best friend on campus when it comes to clubs.

I can help you from the time you fill out your very first application form. I can meet with you to go over paperwork and processes, event approvals, promotions, and awards and everything you will need to have a successful club!

Enough about me – let’s talk about you – here are three more reasons to start a club!

It’s your money

We have over 25 clubs and counting. Not sure what clubs we have on campus? Check out! Have a new club idea, email to learn about the next steps in starting a club! This is your chance to have a memorable time at Mohawk College.

It’s your campus

Have a passion and a cause that you don’t see recognized on-campus – clubs are your way to develop your leadership skills – and have your voice on campus! This is your way to make an impact!

It’s your future

Firstly, Co-curricular record, folks, clubs can be added to your record of leadership on campus! Secondly, leadership skill development – your future employer will want to see this. Lastly, communication is one of the biggest life skills you will ever need and working in a club will help you develop that skill.

I encourage you to get involved in clubs, but anyway you get involved at Mohawk College, you are leaving our already great community a little better than you found it!

So, what are you waiting for? Join or start a club right here at Mohawk College today!

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