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Halloween at Mohawk: 5 Different ways students can decorate their dorm room

If you’re a Mohawk student who lives on campus and you’ve been searching for some ways to (pumpkin) spice up your dorm room this season, look no further because here at the MSA we’ve got your back! This blog post will go over five different ways you can decorate your dorm room to prepare for Halloween at Mohawk.

Pumpkin Painting and Decorating

This first craft is a Halloween staple in general, and a great way to get your dorm room ready for Halloween at Mohawk. Okay… technically, carving pumpkins is a Halloween staple. However, since carved pumpkins may not last until Halloween for those of us who want to get ahead start on decorating, painting them (or decorating them) is an excellent alternative.

A Mohawk student getting festive and gluing googly eyes to a pumpkin.

What you’ll need:

· Pumpkin(s) – any size you’d like

· Paint – we recommend acrylic or spray paint

· Brushes – preferably sponge brushes

· Any other decorative materials you may want to use

· Water – to clean your brushes

The completed project!

Once you have all your materials gathered you’re ready to start painting - get those creative juices flowing and have fun with it!

Festive Lights (and décor in general)

If you’re not the crafty type, or if you don’t have much time, fear not because there are plenty of other ways you can get your dorm room ready for Halloween at Mohawk! One great way is by bringing in some festive lights (or even artificial candles). We recommend checking out Michaels or Walmart, which both have locations close to the residence building at Mohawk College’s Fennell campus.

Even if you can’t find any lights or artificial candles, both places typically carry lots of Halloween décor regardless - so you’re almost guaranteed to find something!

Mummy Mason Jars

Mason jars have become all the rage over the past several years, so why not liven them up a little bit more for Halloween. This next Halloween craft will show you how you can do exactly that.

What you’ll need:

· Mason jars

· Gauze bandage

· Googly eyes

· Hot glue gun


· Wrap some gauze bandage around your mason jar(s) (you may need to hot glue gun the gauze to the jar) – however much or little you feel is required to make your mason jar look mummy-like

· Hot glue gun two googly eyes onto your mason jar (s)

· Now, fill your mason jar(s) with whatever you’d like – i.e. pencils, makeup brushes, pens, etc.

Door Decorating

Another great way to prepare for Halloween at Mohawk if you live on residence is by decorating the outside of your door.

This Halloween craft will not have any specific materials or instructions, as both of these things will depend on how you’re planning to decorate your door. But like the other three decoration ideas discussed above, don’t be afraid to get creative and/or spooky with it.

Pumpkin Bats

The last craft idea we’re going to talk about in this blog post (and an incredibly easy way to get your dorm ready for Halloween at Mohawk), is turning pumpkins into bats. And you may be happy to read that it’s a lot easier than it seems!

The pumpkin we will be turning into a bat.

What you’ll need:

· Orange or white pumpkins

· Black paint - acrylic or spray recommended

· White paint - acrylic or spray recommended

· Any other decorative materials you desire

· Sponge paint brushes

· Black craft foam - or any type of black paper

· Scissors

· Knife

[Check out MSA's Campus Specific Equipment Rentals ]

The pumpkin painting process.


· Using whichever type of paint you prefer, paint your pumpkin(s) back. Leave to dry

· Using the black craft foam (or paper), trace the shape of a batwing. Cut the shape out (you'll also use this cutout to create the second wing). Alternatively, you could print out a stencil from the Internet

Cutting out the batwing stencil.

The black paper that we will use for the wings.

· Once your pumpkin has completely dried, use your knife to make two slits on opposite sides of the pumpkin

· Insert the craft foam batwings into the slits

· Lastly, using the white paint (whichever type you prefer, or other materials) give your pumpkin bat a mouth and some eyes - you can make your bat as cute or as spooky as you’d like

The final product (googly eyes not included).

Now that all your dorm decorations are in place, there’s only one more thing to do before you’re fully ready for Halloween at Mohawk… what are you going to dress up as?

Happy Halloween, Mohawk!

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