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Placements: How They Can Prepare Mohawk Nursing Students for the Workforce

Placements: How They Can Prepare Mohawk Nursing Students for the Workforce

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Currently, there are several nursing programs offered at Mohawk College. These programs help prepare students for a career in the medical field. The MSA recently sat down with three Mohawk Practical Nursing – 715 students to talk about their experiences so far. And although each student has different skills, hobbies, and interests, there was a common thought – clinical placements are incredibly beneficial for many reasons.

How Mohawk Nursing Students Benefit from Placements

Jasmine Chen is a second-year Mohawk nursing student who originally completed an undergrad at the University of Toronto. In Toronto, she studied science and wanted to continue down the same path – she also wanted a job where she could work with people and give back to the community – so, she decided to enroll at Mohawk for nursing. Chen completed a clinical placement in her first year and said it was a “Good introduction into [the] role.” She noted that, during her placement, she would be on her feet for 12 hours a day which was also good preparation for the workforce.

A Mohawk College nursing student.

Jasmine Chen is a second-year Mohawk nursing student.

Chen, as mentioned, is now in her second year and is preparing for the transition from school to work by completing a seven-week pre-grad clinical placement. This, according to Chen, will prepare her for what it means to be a real nurse – the placement could even potentially turn into a job opportunity.

Another Mohawk nursing student, Marissa Thompson, knew she wanted to be a nurse because she was exposed to the industry through her friends and family. Like Chen, Thompson also had an incredible experience during her first-year clinical placement. She worked on a surgical floor in Brantford and said her instructor and nurses were all very helpful. She is also preparing for the transition from school to work by completing a pre-grad clinical placement.

A second-year Mohawk nursing student.

Marissa Thompson is also a second-year nursing student at the college.

The last Mohawk nursing student the MSA spoke with was Alexandria Nunes – who was already enrolled in a Health Sciences program at McMaster. She had knowledge of MoMac Programs, loved the (Mohawk) campus, looked at courses online, and decided to pursue nursing at the college. Like Thompson and Chen, Nunes had a good experience during her first-year clinical placement. She described the overall experience in just one word – amazing. She got be on a surgical floor, and was exposed to a fast-paced environment.

A second-year Mohawk nursing student.

Alexandria Nunes was drawn to nursing at Mohawk for several reasons.

There is no denying that clinical placements are incredibly useful to Mohawk nursing students, and students in general. Students can learn in a real-life environment, ask questions, and network. Although, sometimes preparing for a placement while navigating college can be stressful. At Mohawk, the MSA can help students with both.

How the MSA Can Help Students Prepare for Placements

When it comes to preparing for a clinical placement, the MSA can help students right from the interview stage. Students can visit the MSA Career Closet – a free service where students pick out gently-used professional clothing so they can look and feel their best during an interview (or on the job).

How the MSA Can Help Students During Placements

When it comes to the actual placement, Mohawk nursing students who require equipment can borrow from the MSA.

Students can also take advantage of the MSA’s Buy & Sell Used Textbooks service – a service that allows students to buy and sell textbooks.

The MSA is here to provide support to all Mohawk students whether they’re in the classroom or getting real-world experience. If you’re looking for more information on how the MSA can support students on an academic and/or career level, check out our ‘Academic & Career Support: Lean on WE Part III’ blog post.

For more information about Mohawk College’s Nursing programs, click here.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

MSA Student Copywriter

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