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Photo Recap: What the MSA Clubs Fair Looked Like

Photo Recap: What the MSA Clubs Fair Looked Like

MSA clubs fair.

In a recent blog post, we went into detail about exactly how MSA Clubs can enhance the college experience for Mohawk students. And even more recently, an MSA Clubs Fair was held in The Arnie on Dec. 4, 2019, at Mohawk’s Fennell campus.

A number of clubs attended this fair, providing a great opportunity for students who are interested in joining to ask questions. Not only was it a great question opportunity, but it was also an excellent chance for people who have similar interests to interact and get to know each other.

If you weren’t able to make it out, fear not because we snapped some photos to show you what the event looked like.

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Right when people walked into the Clubs Fair on Dec. 4, they were instantly greeted by fellow members of the MSA (every Mohawk student is a member of the MSA) who explained what the event was all about.

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Attendees were also informed that they are more than welcome, in fact encouraged, to start their own MSA Club.

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Several MSA Clubs attended the event and set up their own tables. Students were able to go around to each table, talk to the members, and learn a little bit more about each club.

img 614537976f471

Those who attended the Clubs Fair had an incredible opportunity to win some great prizes.

One of the highlights of the MSA Clubs fair was the photo-opt that the Photography Club set up.

img 6145379793914

Another highlight was the musical performance from members of the Open Music Club.

Students, as mentioned, were able to learn more about a number of the MSA Clubs currently available. A few of the clubs that attended the event were: The Public Speaking Club, the Comic Book Club, and the Lift Church Club.

Joining an MSA Club is a great way for Mohawk students to expand their college experience beyond just academics. This is a message that often reiterated at the Clubs Fair.

Written By: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

A Message From Your MSA Clubs Coordinator, Stephanie Frisina:

What a success the Clubs Fair was this year! We had 20 plus clubs come out to let Mohawk Students know about their clubs and what they have to offer! We also had a clubs’ showcase live on stage! We had Casey Kobayashi of the Public Speaking club hosting the event, and Chris Brennan providing his musical talents. Not to mention Braydon Swire and Brittany Gole providing their talents at the holiday-themed photo booth! We offered food and prizes as well! Not too happy you missed it? Save the date of the next Club Fair – February 5th, 2020 in the Arnie from 11 a.m. -1 p.m.!

As the Clubs Coordinator, I am eternally grateful to work with such dedicated student leaders on all three of our campuses. I am truly blessed to work with these leaders and can’t wait to keep up the momentum of the club movement we started here at MSA and Mohawk College.

The MSA is here to support you learn, when you have a dream of starting a club, or if you want to join one of many clubs on campus!

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