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Make Your Voice Heard Through MSA Student Representative Committees

Make Your Voice Heard Through MSA Student Representative Committees

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There are countless ways you can enhance your college experience regardless of what Mohawk College campus you call home. You can join a club, attend a virtual event, participate in MSA Days (MSA Week kicked off today, Sept. 14, and goes until Sept. 18), etc… the opportunities are endless. Another way you can get involved is by joining a student representative committee.

Student rep committees are a great way to get virtually involved on campus.

Student representative committees are a great way to get your voice heard on campus but there are several other benefits, including (but not limited to): 

  • You will help make Mohawk an overall better place.
  • You will be active and involved on campus.
  • You will be able to participate in campus democracy.
  • It will help build and improve your leadership skills.
  • It will help build your professional portfolio.
  • You will help bring value to topics you are passionate about.

But what exactly are student representative committees?

What are Student Representative Committees? 

Generally speaking, a student representative committee is a group of people who meet (these meetings will now be virtual) to talk about different opportunities, relevant to the committee, pertaining to Mohawk College’s different campuses. 

The purpose of having representative committees is to provide students with a chance to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas surrounding different opportunities and issues on campus. The conversations the student committees have directly impact what the MSA looks into and works on. Furthermore, along with having your voice heard, student rep committees are another great way to virtually meet people with similar interests.

MSA Student Representative Committees:

The 2020/2021 student representative committees are as follows: Student Spaces, Events and Activities, Student Services and Supports, Academic Supports, and Post-COVID College Life. Each committee was created with the intention of improving the student experience at all Mohawk College campuses (whether in-person or online). While each committee has different discussions and focuses on different tasks, all committees are working to achieve the same goal.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of each committee.


This committee works with the MSA and College to suggest improvements, promote, and globalize both on-campus student spaces and virtual student spaces.

The door leading into a study room.

Due to COVID-19, this group will mainly be focusing on virtual student spaces.


College is not just academics, and because of that, this committee works to identify events and activities students want to see at the MSA and the College. This student representative committee identifies potential in-person events, such as open mic night themes, and different online events, as well as helping to diversify all MSA-offered events.

Similar to the Student Spaces committee, due to COVID-19 this committee will be mainly focusing on virtual events and activities.


This committee influences the different services the MSA offers, including:

  • The Health and Dental Plan
  • Transit
  • Empower Me
  • Learning Supports
  • Legal Counselling Services

The committee also identifies areas where service improvements are needed at the College. 


This committee works to reduce barriers that may restrict student success, regardless of whether they are physical, environmental, or financial. 

Some ways to reduce financial barriers include:

  • OSAP
  • Student Grants
  • Student Scholarships
  • Student Financial Aid


Although there is no way to know for sure what the ‘new normal’ will look like, this committee will work to help Mohawk students and the MSA navigate and map out student life post-COVID-19 at the College.

How to Apply for an MSA Student Representative Committee:

If you are interested in joining one of the MSA student representative committees, click here – this will take you to the MSA website.

Once you’re on the page, scroll to the bottom until you get to the ‘Application Forms’ section. You will be prompted to provide your first and last name, Mohawk email, student number, and program. From here you will select the top two committees you are most interested in, and the campus you are located at. You will then be prompted to explain, in 200 words, why you should be selected.

Lastly, you will be asked whether you can commit to the minimum monthly meetings, and whether you have any dietary restrictions or other accommodations. 

Make your voice heard, apply to join a student representative committee today!

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

MSA Copywriter

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