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position: iahs director

Time Commitment:

Minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week of office hours PLUS any meetings as may be required of the position. Office Hours must be scheduled according to the Office Hours’ Policy.

  • May require late nights or weekends;

  • Must attend any MSA/College meetings as may be required;

  • Expected to attend April and January retreats (may involve weekends and overnights);

  • Responsible for attending Board of Director meetings and/or training sessions as required;

  • Attendance at conferences as directed by Board and/or President;

  • Participation and/or attendance at additional major events as required

  • e.g. ABCD, MSA Day, KPI’s, Awareness Campaigns.

Note: The MSA is a student organization, as such, it should be expected that this is not an hourly position and that MSA members and MSA representatives are awarded an honourarium (not an hourly salary) based on execution of tasks and responsibilities of the position.

Committee Requirements:

As directed by the Board of Directors and the MSA President.

Position Specific Responsibilities:

  • Represent views of the students at the respective satellite campus, and the Board of Directors; 

  • Meet with College faculty deans/or department heads to discuss pertinent matters as they relate to the satellite campus; 

  • Act on behalf of constituents in matters such as academic appeals or other issues as requested; 

  • Participate and support Student Advisory Committees of the Board as assigned (duties include supporting the VP Internal Advocacy/ VP External Advocacy with actions from the committees as directed by the VP Internal Advocacy/ VP External Advocacy; 

  • Consult with students from respective satellite campus on relevant issues to the Student Advisory Committees; 

  • Recruit IAHS students to advisory committees. 

General Responsibilities:

  • All MSA representatives are expected to attend committee and/or College meetings and events, conferences, etc.; 

  • Complete evaluation reports for all conferences attended during the year; 

  • Provide a progress report to the Board of Directors of all activities, functions and events over the previous month no later than ten (10) days before a Board meeting; 

  • Document and maintain the required office hours per week as scheduled throughout the academic year; 

  • Educate and advise the incoming person on duties of the position; 

  • To meet regularly with the MSA President to discuss duties of office and other pertinent issues; 

  • Must prepare for and attend all related committee meetings and be prepared to be an active participant in such committee meetings; 

  • Represent the students of Mohawk College in all matters as required and report as necessary; 

  • Consult with and provide input to the MSA President with regards to any contentious issues that may, from time to time arise within the scope of responsibility; 

  • Prepare for and attend all MSA Board of Directors meetings; 

  • Vote at such meetings in the best interest of the MSA, recognizing that the Corporation should embody the best interests of the students of Mohawk College; 

  • Adhere to all MSA policies; 

  • To complete all other duties as reasonably assigned. 

There is an honorarium for this position.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter, indicating the position you are interested in to

Position Prerequisites:

Hired position by members of the  Board of Directors to reflect skillset necessary to be an effective Board member. Must be 18 years old. Must meet all MSA eligibility requirements. Must be a current full-time student enrolled at Mohawk College. Must be returning as a full-time student for the 2021-22 academic year.

Reports to:

Vice-President Internal Advocacy or Vice-President External Advocacy

Note: Although there is an organizational reporting structure, it is important to note that all Board members, regardless of position, are equal and have an equal vote at the Board Table.


Equity and Diversity are core values of the MSA and are engrained in the work we do to support Mohawk students.  At the MSA, we believe in dedication to our values of equity, diversity, and inclusion requires a continuous commitment. It’s about fostering a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, safety and inclusiveness among individuals and groups, where leadership is made up of different people with diverse perspectives. The MSA is actively building a community where everyone is encouraged and celebrated to be themselves and whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences in order to challenge and dismantle systemic oppression.


We are looking for qualified candidates who share our commitment to equity and inclusion, who will contribute to the diversification of ideas and perspectives, and especially encourage applications from Indigenous (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) peoples, members of racialized communities, persons with disabilities, women, and persons who identify as 2SLGBTQ+.

As part of our commitment to accessibility for all persons with disabilities, The MSA will, upon the request of the employee provide accommodation.


Should you require accommodation at any point during your employment with the MSA please contact Human Resources at

The Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) was designed and created as a separate entity from Mohawk College. The Association was built for and is led by students. 



We empower Mohawk Students to create a community they can lean on for positive experiences, relevant supports, a listening ear, and a strong voice so they can achieve personal success in their college experience and beyond. Led by the Executive Director and an elected Student Board of Directors (BOD), we are a Non-Profit Organization that supports students through our Areas of Focus - Advocacy & Leadership, Engagement & Support, Sustainability & Operations. While we are separate from Mohawk College, we do work collaboratively with the college to reach our goals.  We believe in fostering an environment where all staff members feel Purposeful, Supported, and like they Belong. Together daily, we live and bring our values to life to ensure we achieve our student-centred Vision and Mission.  




Every day is a new challenge, and you are continually looking for ways to help our team become more efficient and effective. As an asset to a team that is In This Together, you collaborate, advocate for best practices, and pitch in where needed. You Believe it’s Possible and contribute in transformative ways within and beyond your department through insight and support.

The MSA BOARD in Action:

  • Introducing the MSA Presto Bus Pass and Health & Dental Insurance plan

  • Providing students with another study space at Fennell Campus – the Heath Study Lounge

  • Being able to keep majority of our Food and Beverage offerings open during COVID-19 – continuing to provide students with affordable and diverse food options.

  • Development of A Better Community Day (ABCD) - matching Mohawk students with community agencies for an annual one-day event to "make tomorrows Hamilton better than today’s'.


As a student leader who is part of a governance board, your responsibility is to help provide strategic direction for the MSA, direct the Executive Director to delegate staff to carry out governed tasks, and to represent the student voice in all matters. 

Responsible for working cooperatively with the other MSA Board members, MSA staff, student-staff, Student Advisory Committee and Student Reference Panel to ensure effective student representation. 

Skills & Experience:

Leadership experience; proficient with computers and Microsoft Office Suite; experience with event planning or public outreach an asset; proficient public speaker; creative and innovative; excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.

Performance Measurables:

Attends all meetings/events/conferences as required; effectively communicate and cooperate with MSA Board members, MSA staff, and student-staff; maintain regular office hours, maintain regular and effective contact with President, VP’s, College faculty/staff (as needed); compile and submit reports, paperwork, etc., promptly.


Student Driven:

We are passionate about Mohawk Students and all our efforts are devoted to enhancing their experiences.


In This Together:

Collaboration built on trust across the Mohawk community is essential to ensure every student interaction matters.


Believe it’s Possible:

Fueled by outcomes and insight, we strive to find solutions for how we can meet the evolving needs of students.


Foster Belonging:

We connect the Mohawk Community to ensure everyone feels invited, welcomed, and included as their authentic self.



We strive to tell, share, and learn from stories in meaningful ways.

our values

OUR mission

We empower Mohawk Students to create a community they can lean on for positive experiences, relevant supports, a listening ear, and a strong voice.

OUR vision

All Mohawk Students achieve personal success in their college experience and beyond.