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How Mohawk College Students Can Benefit From MSA Services

How Mohawk College Students Can Benefit From MSA Services

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You’re walking through the halls of Mohawk College, and suddenly it hits you … you forgot to bring your calculator to school and you have a math midterm in 30 minutes – the MSA can help. Equipment Rentals is one of the many MSA services available – free of charge – to Mohawk College students (and this specific service is accessible to students at all campuses).

MSA Services can help students in a vast number of ways. We spoke with Rocky Stone, a current Mohawk College student, to demonstrate how MSA Services can benefit students.

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Rocky Stone is a current Pre-Justice student at Mohawk.

What program are you currently in at Mohawk College?

Currently, I am a second-semester Pre-Justice student at Mohawk. I have been a student at Mohawk College for six semesters now. Before the Pre-Justice program, I had completed the two-year Social Service Worker (SSW) program (four semesters).

When will you be graduating?

I will be graduating in June of this year [2020]. Then, I’ll be back at Mohawk in the Fall to start the Paralegal two-year program. Once completed, altogether, between the SSW, Pre-Justice, and the Paralegal program, I will have spent 10 semesters at Mohawk College.

What MSA services have you used before?

I have used a LOT of MSA services over the years. Some of the MSA services I have used are the HSR bus pass (managed through the PRESTO Card), Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Eye Care Insurance, Food Bank, and the MSA Heath Study Lounge. I also love attending as many of the MSA special events that I can around the campus.

Are there any of the MSA’s services that you regularly use?

All of the above. I use the HSR bus pass at least twice a day. The Dental Insurance has saved me a LOT of money at the dentist. I wear glasses now, so I have saved money on the eye exam and saved money on my glasses. I use the Food Bank twice a month now, as the OSAP cuts really hurt my budget. I love studying in the Heath Study Lounge as it is always so quiet and clean!

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The HSR U-Pass is another service available to Mohawk students.

How did you find out about MSA services?

I found out about some of the MSA services in my first semester in the Social Service Worker program when I was looking for the HSR bus pass, and one of my classmates told me about the MSA. I then went to the MSA and found out about all the different services that they have.

What do you like about MSA services?

As a ‘starving student’, money is really tight so the MSA services are so very helpful to me, and to every other starving student to save money on the ‘must need’ items.

How have the MSA services helped you as a student?

When money is limited, saving money on teeth, eyes, and food is a true lifesaver! Before I was a student at Mohawk College, I would go weeks and months with a toothache before getting it fixed, as the cost was so high. But now with the MSA Dental Plan, I can get my teeth fixed right away, and no more toothaches!

Why do you think other students should use MSA services more?

Why, you ask? Because it would be the smartest move to use the MSA services more, as most students find that money is limited and the cost of dental care, eye care, and food cost can really add up fast!

Rocky’s positive experiences showcase a few different ways how Mohawk College students can benefit from MSA services. Our services can help students save money, provide students with access to delicious food and exciting events, and so much more – regardless of what campus they’re at.

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The Breakfast Club is one of the many free MSA services available to students.

Check out the MSA services for yourself today! Click here to see a full list of MSA services.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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