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Foster Friendships Over Shared Interests: How to Start a Club at Mohawk College 

Foster Friendships Over Shared Interests: How to Start a Club at Mohawk College 

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Written By: Stephie Ribson, Student Communications Coordinator  

Students are the heart of everything we do at the MSA; every interaction matters. We focus on student-driven initiatives within the college that foster belonging for everyone.  One of these student-driven initiatives is the Clubs & Communities Program.  

You can join over 20 clubs and communities at the MSA, with interests ranging from the fun tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons to the libraries of Shelf Indulgence, there’s something for everyone.   

If you are still waiting to see yourself in one of these clubs or communities, start your own through the ratification process and foster friendships over your shared interest.   

Ratification Process Step 1: Email Specialist  

Starting a club or community can be a smooth process. If you need support bringing your idea to fruition, contact our Clubs and Community Specialist at the MSA, Hibo Ahmed.   

She can help take you through the initiation process by ensuring you aren’t trying to start a pre-existing club. And refer you to other services that suit your needs.   

Either way, there is someone to support your club’s and communities’ journey at the MSA.   

Step 2: Learn the Club & Community Policies   

Clubs and communities are responsible for the following:   

  • Adhering to MSA’s mission, value, and vision   
  • All clubs and communities must foster inclusive environments.   
  • Club executives must be active students at Mohawk College who are fee-paying members of the MSA, including the MSA Board of Directors.  
  • All executives and members must maintain good standing with all College and MSA policies, procedures, and practices.  
  • Clubs & Communities executives are accountable for club expenditures, revenues and financial matters.  
  • Clubs & Communities executives are accountable for all club activities, including but not limited to sanctioned activities.   
  • Executives must complete all necessary event planning and execution requirements.  
  • Clubs & Communities executives are accountable for all club marketing and promotional materials and channels.  

To review these policies more in-depth, please see the MSA clubs and Communities Policy Form.   

Step 3: Complete the Application   

Suppose you’re interested in starting a new club with the MSA during 2023. You’ll need to complete and submit the ratification process form.  

You name it.   

This MSA club is your baby; you’ve planted it in your mind with the seed of your particular interest. And now you must name it to tell the world what it’s about.   

Describe it.   

Sell your idea and get people to believe in your club. Tell them the what, when, how and why they should join you.  

This section of the ratification process explores the overall objective of your club and its potential impact on the Mohawk College community.   

1. What is the purpose of the club?  

2. Who are you aiming to include?  

3. Why is this club needed?  

4. What value will this club add to the Mohawk College community?  

5. What does the club aim to achieve?  

6. What category does your club fall into   

Find your club or community niche within Mohawk College, with options ranging from:   

  • Academic   
  • Spiritual   
  • Wellness  
  • Cultural   
  • Political and Advocacy   
  • Arts   
  • Community Development   
  • General Interest   

There’s something to interest everyone.  

Club Affiliates   

During this section of the ratification process, it is important to note if your club is associated with any outside organization. For example, one of the current clubs at the MSA is, which is a Canadian organization that is working to revolutionize mental health.  

Acknowledge Policy   

Acknowledge that you have read and understood Mohawk College’s Student Behavior Policy.  

Have you completed the necessary training?   

Let us know if you’ve completed the leadership training to start an MSA club or community.  

Step 4: Complete Training   

The MSA supports all prospective club and community leaders in stepping into their roles with leadership training.   

Step 5: Application Review  

The final stretch of the ratification process is where the MSA will review your application for approval.   

Step 6: Notice of Approval   

Once the application review process is complete, you will receive a notice of approval for your club or community.  

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