Food Bank

MSA Food Bank is accessible now if you are enrolled in the Spring/Summer 2020 Semester.

Please see details below.

What is the Food Bank?

The MSA food bank is a free service for students in emergency need of food twice each month. To be eligible to access the Food Bank, you must be enrolled in the current semester as well as fill out an intake form.


Due to Covid-19, our Food Bank services will continue to help students in need online. Please fill the form below and the MSA will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am new to the food bank and need to register.

I am registered and requesting access.

register to the msa food bank


Step 1:

Don't feel hesitant - we're
here to help you!

Step 2:

Fill out the online form below (which emails directly).

Step 3:

Receive an email from the MSA about accessing the food bank service.

Step 4:

Use this service twice a month!

Food Bank Intake Form

Are you an international student?

If YES, you must take this form and meet with an advisor in the International Office (in the Square) to get approval to use the food bank. If you are from a campus other than Fennell please see a counselor or Student Success Advisor.

Family Type:
Have you ever applied for and/or received assistance at another food bank?
Have you applied for and/or received OSAP?
Are you aware of bursaries and scholarships that may be available to you?

DECLARATION: I certify that all the information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. Any information given in this form will be used to evaluate my need as a student requiring the services of the MSA Food Bank and will only be used for this purpose. All information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any other party.


I agree to follow the rules of the MSA Food Bank and to conduct myself in an appropriate manner while using the service.

Your Signature


Local food banks 

Click the button below for a list of local food banks.

Our Offices

Fennell Campus (Hamilton)

135 Fennell Ave W, Room G109

Hamilton, ON  L9C 0E5


Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS - McMaster)

1400 Main St West, Room 112
Hamilton, ON  L8S 1C7

905.575.1212 ext 6411

Stoney Creek Campus

481 Barton Street, Room A125
(Fitness Centre) Stoney Creek, ON  L8E 2L7

905.575.1212 ext 5005

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