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Everything the MSA can help Mohawk students with: Lean on WE Part I

Everything the MSA can help Mohawk students with: Lean on WE Part I

Lean on we stand-up sign in the students' centre.
Graphic for the new MSA tagline.

The new MSA tagline – Lean on WE.

If you’re someone who is thinking about coming to Mohawk College, or if you’re a current student, a parent of a student, or an alumni member, you may already be familiar with the MSA – the Mohawk Students’ Association.

What is the MSA?

An MSA Lean on WE poster.

One of the MSA’s Lean on WE posters.

Although, if you’re not: “The Mohawk Students’ Association is designed for and lead by students. Our goal is to make Mohawk College a better place by providing high-quality services, supports, and resources to help students succeed academically and socially.”

So, now you know what the MSA is – your built-in best friend here at Mohawk – and who we are. But, you still may not be aware of how the MSA works and how we can specifically help students.

To help explain, and to make the overall college experience smoother and exciting, the MSA recently launched a brand new tagline – Lean on WE.

The MSA – Lean on WE

Our Lean on WE tagline symbolizes the MSA as a whole. It was created to help students see that we can assist them in many aspects of their student and personal lives. These aspects have been broken down into four pillars: Student Advocacy & Engagement, Events & Activities, Life Services, and Academic & Career Support.

An MSA Lean on WE promotional graphic.

Another one of the MSA’s Lean on WE promotional graphics.

The line under WE is comprised of four squares that represent these four pillars of the MSA. The MSA’s overall vision and goal of helping students is symbolized when each pillar is connected, forming one line.

Lean on WE was launched in 2019 to rebrand the MSA in the hopes of being more accessible, helpful, and inclusive to the people we represent – Mohawk students.

In a previous student survey where people were asked what they thought the primary purpose of the MSA was, 57.73 percent (1,195) of respondents said that they believed our main purpose is to advocate on behalf of students. And while this may be a large aspect of what the MSA does, it’s not all we’re here for.

Students by the MSA office at Mohawk's Fennell campus.

Students near the MSA office at Mohawk’s Fennell Campus.

The MSA also hosts a number of events at all three Mohawk campuses – Fennell, McMaster, and Stoney Creek – throughout the year. In addition, the MSA also offers a buy-and-sell used textbook program, a free food bank service, a Zipcar service – a service where people can drive cars by the hour or by the day, and much more.

A sign of one the MSA's many services - Zipcar.

Zipcar is one of the many services provided by the MSA.

Doors leading to the Clubs Room at Mohawk's Fennell campus.

The doors leading to the Clubs Room at Mohawk’s Fennell campus.

An MSA events poster outside Mohawk's Fennell campus.

One of the MSA’s events posters.

A stack of assorted mini cereal boxes.

Food bank table on MSA Day.

Each service the MSA provides has been categorized and placed into the appropriate Lean on WE pillar. The goal of this is to make it easier for people who contact us to identify the areas where they need assistance or information, and to help inform people about all the services the MSA provides.

So, whether you’re looking for home and auto insurance information, legal counselling information, information about events we’re hosting at the college, or academic support, the MSA is here to help you – regardless of which Mohawk campus you’re at!

This blog post is the first in a five-part series – the remaining four posts will highlight each pillar of Lean on WE in great detail.

MSA front desk at Mohawk's Fennell campus.

Front desk of the MSA office at Mohawk’s Fennell campus.

Stay tuned, and remember, the MSA is here to help you succeed – Lean on WE!

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

MSA Student Copywriter

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