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Everything Students Need to Know About the Comic Book Club

Everything Students Need to Know About the Comic Book Club

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The History of the MSA Comic Book Club

The MSA Comic Book Club has had quite a history despite only being around for about one year.

Kevin Campanella, a current Social Service Worker student, first tried to start a Comic Book Club five years ago when he was at Mohawk for Biotechnology. When he first tried to start the club, his goal was to get a group of people together to work on creating a comic for publication. Campanella’s has since shifted his goal for the club.

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Campanella promoting the Comic Book Club.

Now his goal is, “To create a place where people can hang out, relax, and enjoy the medium we have all come to love,” Campanella said. This is a goal that the club has stuck to fairly well, “Even if our numbers sometimes falter, we have crafted a familiar group of people, who come from various walks of life, all coming together to enjoy this fun world of graphic novels,” Campanella said.

When asked what he is hoping to achieve through the club, Campanella recalled: “I try to keep an ideal I got from my uncle going. When I was younger, my uncle lent me his comic collection to store at my place. It was there that I felt my emerging love of not only comics, but the act of sharing stories. It is why I love running this club – not only do I get to gush over the insanity that has been the history of Hawkman but I get to show and share a love for a thing we can all collectively enjoy. Being able to share the things we love, is why I run this group.”

There are currently about five core members of the Comic Book Club but Campanella noted that the numbers fluctuate every week.

The Comic Books welcomes individuals from any level of fandom. “We have a graphic novel library for all of our members to access for free and it is always in a state of growth,” Campanella said.

Why Students Should Join the Comic Book Club

There are endless reasons as to why students should join the MSA Comic Book Club, or an MSA club in general. Here are just a few:

Two people sitting at a table with comic books.

Clubs are a great way to meet new people on campus.

· It’s a chance to meet new people

· Gets you involved in an extra curricular which looks good on a resume

· It’s a good way to de-stress

· It may increase your creative thinking

· You can learn about different types of comics you otherwise may not have known about

If you are interested in joining the Comic Book Club, click here.

Some comments have been edited for clarity.

Written by: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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