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Elevate Your College Experience: What Mohawk Students Need to Know About MSA Clubs Month

Elevate Your College Experience: What Mohawk Students Need to Know About MSA Clubs Month

Student speaking with members of the life drawing club.

Like many of the MSA’s services, as a result of COVID-19, MSA Clubs are operating virtually this school year. But do not fret, if you’ve never been part of an MSA Club before, now is the perfect time to get involved – join or start your own club, make new friends, and bond with people who have similar interests.

Two people sitting at a table speaking to another person who is standing up.

The Life Drawing Club participated in one of the MSA’s previous Club Fairs.

If you are interested in MSA Clubs, how they work, or what they do then you’re in luck because November is Clubs Month at the MSA.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about MSA Clubs Month.

Clubs month will mainly be held over Instagram and Discord.

Instagram Takeovers

The Instagram login webpage.

Different MSA Clubs will be taking over @msaclubs2020 on Instagram throughout the month.

Each club will be taking over the MSA Clubs Instagram page for one day during the month (follow @msaclubs2020 on Instagram to stay updated). These takeovers will allow you to learn more about what the individual clubs are all about, and also connect with some of the members involved.


The Discord logo.

Discord is another platform where people can interact.

Discord is a platform similar to Skype. During Clubs Month each MSA Club will have their own ‘lounge’ on Discord where students can drop in and ask questions either through video, and/or chatting (with a voice or text option).

In short, during November, MSA Clubs will be providing more options for Mohawk students to learn about how they can get involved. The virtual fair is your chance to find a club that interests you. Drop-in and ask questions, explore what each has to offer.

So, Why Should You Get Involved With MSA Clubs?

A graphic highlighting the steps to start an MSA Club.

Starting a club is easy!

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Clubs are more diverse than ever! Mohawk College students have a wide range of interests: from graphic design, to gaming, music, and much more. Regardless of what your interests are, there is bound to be an MSA Clubs that suits your likes, however, if there isn’t, it’s super easy to start your own.
  2. MSA Clubs can elevate your college experience, but they also look great on resumes. Future employers love to see extracurriculars.
  3. Being stuck at home due to COVID can be hard, but joining a club, and virtually connecting with others, can help ease any feelings of loneliness.

MSA Clubs are the perfect way to get through the winter months, so follow us on social media (@msaclubs2020) to stay updated on what specific clubs are doing, or check out the MSA Clubs webpage. Days are getting shorter, and it’s getting colder, so remember to lean on the MSA whenever you need to #LeanOnWe!

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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