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Different Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

Different Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

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Ontario is currently in lockdown and many other areas around the world are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. This means more time inside and less in-person communication. So, regardless of where you’re geographically studying, it is important for all Mohawk College students to keep their brains active. While studying and attending classes will help, there are other ways you can stimulate your brain if you need a break from the books.

Here are some different ways to keep your brain active.

Get the Controller and play Some Video Games

A sign with a game controller on it.

Grab a controler, keyboard or your phone and start playing.

It might be hard to understand why TV can be bad and video games can be good, but it all comes to being able to keep your mind stimulated.

Video games can help improve reflexes, hand eye coordination, problem solving and even critical thinking. Not every game will improve these on a huge scale but puzzle games like Tetris, The Witness and Portal are all examples of video games can get your brain turning.

Build Anything You Can Think of With Lego

Lego pieces built up to random objects.

Let your imagination run wild with Lego.

Lego could just be the greatest invention of the 20th century, but we may be a bit biased because of how fun it is.

Buying a Lego set allows you to sit down and follow instructions to build something. But there is no end to the creativity. Lego enthusiasts have created almost anything you can think off, and the company has even set up a way for people to pitch ideas to them.

Anyone who says Lego is for kids has never tried to put together a 2000 piece set of the Death Star.

One Word: PUZZLES!

Puzzle pieces put together.

Want a multi-day puzzle? Grab one that’s over 1,000 pieces.

Puzzles are an all-time classic. Those pesky little jagged pieces all look the same after dump them out of the box, but the process of sorting and getting those corners pieces really start to bring the picture to life. Puzzles are cheap and fun way to exercise your brain and have fun.

When in Doubt, Break the Board Games Out

A board game set up.

Board games are a great way to keep your brain active.

Board games are another all time classic way to bring some fun and a little competition into your home. Games like Scrabble or chess allow your brain to work and have fun all once.

If you need a few more people to enjoy the game, many of the classics can be found on the Apps Store on your computer or phone. So set up a group chat with some friends or family and figure out whos rolling those dice first.

Settle Down With a Nice Book

A penguin holding two books

Can’t decide what book to read? Start an MSA Book Club!

Shut the blinds, lock the door, grab your favorite hot drink and sit/lay (stand?) down with an amazing book. This not only works your brain, but can relax it too.

When you read your mind not only comprehends the words but also creates a picture in your head of what you are reading.

Tons of great book are out there, and your brain will thank you for reading one.

Get Outside for Some Sun (When Applicable)

A man running outside

Snow or no snow, getting some fresh air is great

Being stuck inside for so long can be really harmful for your mind. Sunlight and fresh air every day will help you feel more awake and more energized.

Going for a walk, hike, bike or run safely will keep your brain happy and healthy. Just ensure you are being mindful of social distancing and additional COVID safety measures that may be in place.

Listen to Some of Your Favourite Tunes

A girl with headphones around her neck.

Try listening to some of your favourite tracks!

Listening to music is good for your brain? Yup! According to researchers, listening to music can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, your mood, mental alertness, and memory. So if you’re doing house work, studying for tests or just bored with nothing to do, popping on your favourite tracks can keep your brain active even when you don’t know it.

We hope some of these ideas are useful throughout 2021. If you have some additional tips for keeping your brain active, let us know on social media (@MSAMohawk).

Written by:

Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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