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Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Graphic of two birds kissing.

We know Valentine’s Day can be controversial for a lot of students. Some love it, a day to celebrate their love with their partner or family. But some dislike it. It may be seen as a day that makes them feel like love is hopeless and will never find them (we have all been there at some point). Here at the MSA, we want everyone to feel like they can take part in the upcoming day in some way. That’s why we put together this handy guide for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Single or in a relationship, all of these ideas can be enjoyed regardless of your situation.

Order in Dinner

Menu clipboard next to food.

The best part of ordering in is your menu choice is sometimes much bigger.

Usually, for V-Day, going out for dinner means getting all dressed up and heading to a fancy restaurant. Not this year. But, you can still relish your favourite restaurant. Place an order online for delivery or takeout, set up some candles, and enjoy. This is a great excuse to get dressed up (many of us haven’t had that excuse in a while). Or, you can throw on some of the comfiest clothes you have and just kick back. The choice is yours!

Two girls outside holding old dial phones.

A simple call on Valentine’s Day can mean so much.

Call Your Loved Ones

A simple but powerful gesture that is sure to put some smiles on faces. Valentine’s Day is perfect for having conversations with those you haven’t talked to recently. Making a phone call, and just telling someone you were thinking about them or asking them how they are doing can make their entire day. So, use the ‘Day of Love’ as an excuse to talk to some people you miss.

Do Some Online Shopping

A keyboard with an 'Add to Cart' button swapped out for enter key.

That add to cart button you’ve been avoiding? Now is the time to treat yourself!

Valentine’s Day is usually about showing others you care about them, but it can also be about showing yourself some love. What better way to make something about you than to shop online on Valentine’s Day? That purchase you keep putting off because you are unsure about it? Pull the trigger today and treat yourself. Even buying something small that makes you feel good is ok with us!

Have a Valentine’s Bake-off

Heart shaped cookies next to a drink.

If you bake anything, make sure to post it and tag the MSA!

Time to figure out who can make the best sweet treats in the kitchen. Grab your partner, family or friends, and plan the rules of your epic bake-off. Zoom calls are great if you don’t live in the same house. Make sure to let everyone know the baked goods need to be Valentine’s day themed! This isn’t just a regular baking competition, after all.

Find a Good Place For a Hike

Two people walking in the snow holding snow shoes.

Don’t let the cold bother you, dress warm and go find some winter beauty.

Were you looking to venture into the outdoors? Take a safe, scenic hike together with people from your household. Enjoy all the beautiful sights and the fresh air we all wish we could get more of. If you want to make it even more enjoyable: bring a camera and see who can take the best picture before the hike is done. Compare them when you get home and post some online.

We hope these ideas help you decide what to do this Valentine’s Day. We know this year Valentine’s day might be a bit harder due to the pandemic, but continue to reach out to those who could use a bit of extra love on this special day!

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Student Social Media Assistant

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