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Different Ways Mohawk Students Can be More Environmentally Friendly

Different Ways Mohawk Students Can be More Environmentally Friendly

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Helping the environment out is something we need to think about now more than ever. With the climate changing rapidly, now is a great time to make our daily habits more environmentally friendly. But just how easy is it to change our daily routines and practices? Taking little steps (like making recycling a daily priority) is a great way to start making a change.

Here are some different ways you can be more environmentally friendly.

Flick the Switch

A bunny sticker above a light switch

Add some reminder posts or stickers on your switches.

This first tip is incredibly easy but beneficial.

Want to help the environment and save some money? When you leave a room, take an extra second to ensure that the lights are off.

Reducing hydro use by flicking the switch off is a great way to save on your bills and help the environment. Unplugging electronics with a standby mode can also positively affect your energy bills and carbon footprint.

No More One Time Uses

A pile of black garbage bags that are full.

Plastic garbage bags can be replaced with biodegradable ones.

Plastic is tough to get away from because it is still found in many items. From cellphones to kitchen appliances, plastic is seemingly everywhere. The good news? We can help reduce how much it goes into our landfills by attempting to eliminate one-time-use plastics.

Having reusable straws and grocery bags handy is an excellent starting point.

Interesting Fact: Canada has set a ban on single-use plastics that will go into effect after 2021.

Clean Like an Eco Pro

A person spraying a can of cleaner

Many cleaners are hard on the environment.

Having to clean your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car, etc., can be tiresome, however, since we have to do it anyway why not help the environment out?

Switching from those cheap brands that you might have been using your whole life to more eco-friendly cleaning solutions can be a great way to keep harmful chemicals out of our water systems (many of the chemicals that go down our drains can’t be removed by our waste treatment processes).

Support Local Farmers When You Can

Many different fruits in boxes.

Farmers’ markets are a great way to get local produce!

Support local farmers when you can! Buying locally grown fruits, veggies, and meat products not only supports the local farmers, but also helps reduce your carbon footprint because the food isn’t being flown in by airplanes.

Even large diesel trucks that travel across the country to deliver food are rigid on the environment. So, when you get the chance always try and buy the local eats because you’re helping out your community and planet.

We can all help out Mother Nature by making some small changes. Have any other tips for helping the environment out? Let us know on our Instagram page @MSAMohawk ! #LeanOnWe

Written by: Kyle Hooper

Social Media Assistant

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