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An Exciting Food and Beverage Service is Now Available at The Cellar

An Exciting Food and Beverage Service is Now Available at The Cellar

Buffalo chicken wrap and fries on a plate.

The MSA is no amateur when it comes to providing students with amazing food and beverage services – particularly at Mohawk College’s Fennell campus. Students can currently frequent Pizza Pizza, Booster Juice, Brewed Awakenings, the Urban Fork, The Arnie, and The Cellar. But students may be happy to learn that a new and convenient Food and Beverage service is now available at The Cellar for the first time – online ordering.

Online Ordering has Arrived at The Cellar

Students can now order their favourite items from The Cellar online ready to be picked up. However, that’s not all. Through this service, The Cellar will also eventually be offering a MoValue menu.

The purpose of this service is to provide students with an easier way to access good and affordable food on campus.

Mac and cheese.

Bacon mac and cheese is just one of the many items available through The Cellar online.

How will Online Ordering Work?

Step One:

To use this Food and Beverage service, students will go to the MSA website, find and click the online ordering link.

Step Two:

This link will bring students to a new web-page. On the web-page, students will be able to select what they want to order (either from the typical online menu or the MoValue menu), place their order, and pick it up right at The Cellar.

It’s that easy!

Note: Students will have the option to decided whether they want their order ASAP or at a later date/time, and since it is an online service payment must be done by credit card.

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What will Students be able to Order?

A photo of grilled cheese.

Students will also be able to order grilled cheese.

All of The Cellar’s typical menu items are available online, with a few exceptions.

And, as mentioned, The Cellar will also be offering a secondary menu – an online MoValue menu. This Food and Beverage menu will feature exclusive items customers can’t get anywhere else. The menu will be value-driven with every item being under a $5 price point.

img 614537016bb04

Note that the MoValue menu will not be available right when the online ordering service launches. The value menu will be launched at a later date as an additional menu.

When Will This Service be Available?

January 2020 Launch

The Cellar launched this service in January of 2020. For now, online ordering will be available Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. However, this may change because, according to the MSA’s Food and Beverage team, there is a greater degree of flexibility online.

Customers should take note that there will be perks for those who order online – aside from the delicious food.

Loyalty Program

In a typical restaurant setting, it is sometimes hard to track and reward loyalty, but this will be much easier to do through the online ordering system. As a result, eventually, The Cellar will be rolling out a loyalty program.

To take advantage of the loyalty program, students must sign up as a ‘User’ (as opposed to a ‘Guest’). The program will apply points to dollars spent, there will be two different redemption options once a certain amount of points are accumulated: one for 10% off and one for 25% off. If the customer has 1,000 points they can choose to use either one. If they use the 10% off they will give up 500 points, and if they use the 25% off they will give up 1,000 points.

Promo Code

If students choose to register, they will be entitled to 50% off on their first order. The promo code will be ‘SAVE50’, however, it will not work if they don’t register as a ‘User’.

How Will This Service Impact The Cellar’s Current Operations?

The hope for Food and Beverage is that this service will not impact The Cellar’s current operations. The Food and Beverage team will be working to ensure that both the online and in-line services work together so there is no disruption in service.

Five hamburgers that will be available through The Cellar online.

Mohawk students will be able to get their favourite burgers from The Cellar through online ordering.

Why is This Service Being Offered?

The Food and Beverage marketplace, in general, is heading toward more of a technology-based online environment. With that said, the MSA Food and Beverage team wanted to keep up with the changing times by implementing its own online ordering service at The Cellar.

Additionally, this service is being introduced to benefit Mohawk students in several ways. The Food and Beverage team is hoping to provide students with excellent service and ease of service, minimize wait times (time-saving), and maximize students’ budgets.

So, get your utensils ready!

Greek salad with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese.

There is something for everyone with The Cellar online ordering.

Written By: Paige Petrovsky

Student Copywriter

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