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Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Broke College Student

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Broke College Student

A couple of journals and some coloured pencils.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The holidays are right around the corner and let’s face it, most of us are on a tight budget. So, how are we supposed to find the perfect gift for our loved ones without breaking the bank? If you’re short on cash this break, don’t worry – the MSA has some affordable gift ideas that make excellent holiday presents!

Journals and Pens

This is a great gift idea for anyone. Whether the special person you are buying for is a student, loves to write, travel, is creative or is working full time, they will be able to use journals and pens. If they are a particularly organized individual, you might even consider buying them an agenda for the upcoming year.

Board Games/Card Games

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Games are a great way to bring people together for a fun and exciting evening. The best part is that they can be reused so you’re really getting value for your money.

There are a variety of different games you can purchase depending on your interest. Some popular ones include Catan, What Do You Meme, Scattergories, Uno.. and the list goes on!

Mason jar Gift

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There are so many gift ideas that can come from a simple mason jar. Don’t be afraid to be creative. If you are buying for females, a DIY makeup or nail polish kit is an option. You can include a few different colours, some cotton balls, a nail file, and some nail polish remover. For males, you could create a toiletries care kit with a razor, mini shaving cream, mini hair gel, a nail clipper, etc – the possibilities are endless!

Photo Gifts

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Photo gifts are a great way to personalize your presents. If there is a specific image or

memory that was significant to your loved one, create a copy of the image and turn it into a gift. For under $30 Vista print can print your image on a canvas, put it on a mug, create a custom phone case, bookmarks, coasters and the list goes on. You can also purchase glittery snow globe picture frames, or even create your own with a mason jar!

Personalized gifts

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If photos aren’t really your thing, there are other ways of personalizing gifts. Maybe you want to buy something the person will actually use. For example, you can purchase personalized products such as wine & rocks glasses, lighters, cardholders, flasks etc. with their name on it.


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If the person you are buying for is a book lover, you could create a bookworm gift basket. Include a book from their wish list, a unique bookmark, and perhaps a mug.

An Experience

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Gift giving is great but if the person you are buying for is a real go-getter, they might appreciate an experience as opposed to a physical object. Groupon has great offers on things to do locally. You can buy products or you can even purchase services. Things to do include: fun and leisure activities, sightseeing and tours, tickets and events, nightlife, sports and outdoor events. Some more activities could include: spa days, paint nights, cooking classes, wine tours, etc. Just make sure to read the fine print as typically deals must be used within three months of purchase.

By Olivia Santucci

Student Digital Content Writer

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