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Advocacy Priorities

The Mohawk Students’ Association is committed to advocating and representing all Mohawk College student needs and interests. This commitment can be proven through our student-driven advocacy, which aims to amplify and support student voices and needs.

Below are the five advocacy priorities we will be focusing on for 2019/20.

Learning experience


We will identify opportunities to improve the learning environment of Mohawk students by focusing on and advocating for improvements to the following:

  • Learning management systems and tools

  • Classrooms and campus facilities

  • Increased access to OER’s, used textbooks and other resources

Access & Affordability

Our goal is to improve Mohawk student’s ability to access support resources that help to address the physical and economic barriers of getting a quality education.

Inclusivity & social responsibility

The MSA aims to find ways to include diverse groups on campus and fulfill our social responsibility. We want to celebrate, enhance, and encourage social inclusion, while maintaining our ethical responsibility to society.

governance & student voice

Identify opportunities to increase student involvement in campus governance, leadership, student
movements and local issues by increasing participation and opportunity to get involved.

student service & experience

The MSA will strive to improve student satisfaction and wellness by providing valuable student experiences, essential services, and life supports.


2018 student feedback survey

In March 2018, the MSA launched the largest student consultation project in the history of the Association. The MSA asked students to share their thoughts on four key areas: Student Government/Advocacy, Food & Beverage Operations, Student Services, and Communications & Events. Over the 8-week data collection period, 5,563 students gave their feedback.

we want your Feedback!


Have any thoughts or feedback on our priorities?
Let us know! Send us a message explaining what is important to you and to help us better advocate for you.

Our Offices


Fennell Campus (Hamilton)


135 Fennell Ave W, Room G109

Hamilton, ON  L9C 0E5


Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS - McMaster)

1400 Main St West, Room 112
Hamilton, ON  L8S 1C7

905.575.1212 ext 6411

Stoney Creek Campus

481 Barton Street, Room A125
(Fitness Centre) Stoney Creek, ON  L8E 2L7

905.575.1212 ext 5005

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